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    • By Morgenroete
      $3750 verified Paypal only. Paypal fee included.
      Fleet member only.
      Someone else is inquiring about this Idris-M. I think I should give our Fleet member the opportunity first so it can stay within the fleet.

    • By Brosion
      Hey everyone! I know most idris-M's are already account-bound and they are very rare in general. Though if anyone has one left or wants to sell an account with one included let me know please
    • By DirectorGunner
      A 7:36 minutes jump from Port Olisar to Hurston, a fly over the city that ends in pilot error... lol.
    • By ChiefWarrant
      Any of you good people looking to offload an Idris-M ?!? 
      please PM me if you are.  It’s for me so it will stay in the family. (And only interested in the M not the P.  I know that the P will be M capable but .........😊)
      COMPLETE!!!! Thanks everyone that took the time.
    • By IceManZaroth™
      As you can imagine, I'm being very cautious with this sale due to the value of the ship, before sale happens I might either converse with Imperium staff first to ensure buyer is genuine and also might request a staff member as a middleman.
      The offer:
      1x Idris-M with LTI (Fully Giftable)
      Cost will be $4000 o.n.o, Buyer will also incur paypal fees, which will be calculated when deal is struck and buyer will be presented with value+paypal fees together ... e.g  $4000 + Paypal fees would cost the buyer: $4119.77
      Price Change and Wont come any lower $3000 ... Seller will incur paypal fees,
      Screenshot taken today(date and time in lower right of screenshot) of my hangar with Idris-M waiting for its new home.
      All members interested please P.M me with only serious offers.

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