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    • By Metternich70
      Since now CIG told eclipse fits into an Idris, I am asking here some opinions about the different uses of the eclipse and gladiator in a pack of three carried by an Idris.
      Pro, conts ... comments?
    • By =MGN=RedEagle
      I was doing some research on spectrum in 2.6 when I came across some shocking stats on the Bengal... apparently it has 90 turrets room for an Idris in it's hanger and one of it's turrets is HUGE... and I mean HUGE. It's called a "Ship Buster" Railgun. According to CIG:
      I totally want to stand on that as it fires. I would love to fly an aurora up the cannon and watch the shell load in and be fired out with it. 
      From what I understand the Bengal has a crew of up to 1000 people. Just imagine the depth of teamwork needed to get that one off the ground huh? What are you most excited for in SC concerning capital ships? 
      Anyway all this had me really excited so I made a vid: 
      I would love your feedback!
    • By Th3 Warm0ng3r
      After this last week and the sale of the Polaris that I had to pick up I thoroughly studied the manual with the drawings and started wondering about use of escape pods, and that ultimately led me to a much more important aspect of how would everyone get to escape pods. I wanted to see what, if anything, others have heard about how damage and destruction on the capitals will work. Will one of the manned stations be able to see damage reports around the ship? Since the size of these ships makes the damage system extremely complex I can see this being both a good thing to delve into. For instance a direct torpedo hit to the Polaris on one of the side turrets could very well take out a whole chunk of the ship. But other than depressurizing the corridor and removing the weapon emplacement... maybe a little structural weakening... it effectively would have no real damage done. However, if fire is concentrated on lets say... the torpedo storage bay, or the reactors location if known and they are damaged/destroyed clearly that would have an entirely different reaction. And even this could be mitigated with proper safety systems that I think would be in place in the real world like the ability to jettison a damaged power core before it would blow up the ship, etc. There is so much I would like to know and get into on this subject, along with more than a few torpedo tactics but that's for another thread. Any knowledge on this given out by the dev's? If not some theory crafting is always good in my opinion.
    • By Tom Villder
      Some interesting discussion from Rawcritics... this guy has started to follow SC closely since the 3.0 Gamescom demo.  I would advise subscribing to his channel because he does commentaries for SC videos in addition to non-SC content.
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