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Want to Sell Selling my ships || Melt price || Hornet F7C || Constellation Andromeda

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Hello guys!

Im here because im not playing with Star Citizen anymore and I'd like to get rid of my ships instead of just letting them be on my account without not playing with them.
I know im new on the site so if it helps, I can go first before payment but only for very trusted members, the price is equal with melt price,

Constellation Andromeda Package contains



Starting Money:10,000 UEC
6 Month Insurance
Digital Star Citizen Manual
Star Citizen Digital Download
Digital Star Map
Digital Game Soundtrack
Digital Making Of Star Citizen

Melt Price for this package on site is: $275

Hornet F7C package contains:



Starting Money: 5,000 UEC
6 Month Insurance
Digital Game Soundtrack
Digital Star Map
Digital Star Citizen Manual
Digital Squadron 42 Manual
Star Citizen Digital Download
Squadron 42 Digital Download
Legacy Alpha

Melt price for this package on site is: $125

Add me on discord: DiabloZ#4891



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