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Quantum Jump Medical


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- Quantum Jump Medical

We are currently looking for people who want to pursue a career in the medical field. We are looking for Pilots, Surgeons, Combat Medics, Doctors, and even Security Personnel. 

-What does Quantum Jump Medical do?

We will be driving ourselves in being a top tier medical company able to perform the task of anything in the medical industry. This will include search and rescue, combat medic squad, personal to work on a Hope Class Endeavor, an organization ran hospital and anything that we will see fit.

-What can we do to assist your organization?

We will be offering insurance plans for any organization that is willing to pay a monthly package fee. We will have different tiers that each have their advantages and disadvantages. Smaller cheaper packages for a smaller organization and bigger more feature ones for larger organizations.

We will also be offering individual insurance packages if your company does not offer you insurance.

Packages will include discounts and monthly visits to our personal hospital. (once that is available) 

Contact us for more information on the insurance plans.

(These packages will include more features in the future once we learn more game wise)

-Do you have what it takes to join QJM? Apply and find out we are always accepting more applications. Apply at the link below.

And remember "We Are Just A Jump Away"




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