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mia Coming back into the swing of things!

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I've been MIA for quite some time nearly 2 or more years and I've finally got my computer to be able to run the game plus a joystick with head tracking I want to get to know my fellow comrades again and hopefully  game with some of you for the eventual release of SC in high hopes I find out how I want to be able to contribute so much I have to offer in a community. 

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    • By Pixel Fuzz
      Hello From Greece!
      My name is Manolis, and I'm a Star Citizen for some years. My fleet at this moment contains Origin 85X, Argo Cargo, Avenger Titan, Cutlass, Buccaneer, Dragonfly, Caterpillar, Herald and Reliant Skirmisher. 
      So I'm glad to meet you, and see you in the 'Verse!
    • By DirtDiver2Nine
      Hello fellow citizens and imperium members its Dirt Diver and I'm glad to be back Its been far too long since I've posted anything! Before I went AWOL, I was was pretty active on the forums wrote a couple of topics and a review, I was jumping on TS, playing ARK and few others games then I went Poof!!! Now I don't want to come across as sympathy miner I just like to let you all of know life is a nasty nasty Mother#<&$er!!!! Well when I joined Imperium I was in Alberta at the time working in and around oilfields, My wife and child live in Kentucky so I moved back after oil season and couldn't find work then money I had saved from work was quickly used up. While still looking for work my wife became ill and was diagnosed with breast cancer(Christmas present from Life) I had to sell everything I could my gaming gear my Rig and more things than I wanted to part with. So thing for past year have been incredibly difficult on 63 Different levels but thing are finally calming down and I life is returning to sorta normal. So I hope to be up and playing soon once I can build a new rig and I replace my gear. Also planning on being as active as I can. Anyways sorry about laying my problems out there but getting this off my chest kinda nice..... Anywho if you read this far I'm really sorry lol hahaha, but im happy to be back and I can't wait to get back into the saddle, also I never stop keeping up with Imperium or SC so I am completely updated on IMP news and SC news. Fly Safe and Shoot Straight folks see you in the verse 
    • By Mr. Tooz
      Hey everyone!
      Just grabbed my copy of Star Citizen and am waiting on the install to finish patching (i.e. my SC universe to Big Bang into being) so I figured I'd drop a line here and introduce myself.
      My name is Mike...don't have an alternate identity for SC yet or if I'll even create one, we'll see. I just picked up my first ship, the Cutlass, and am basking in all its badassery and spacey shipness.
      I'm excited to be a part of this group and see how it grows and develops as clearly one of the strongest factions in the SC universe. Clearly the Imperium is here to stay.
      Let me know what I can do to integrate into the community and further enhance my SC experience! Thanks a lot.
    • By XeNd
      Hello, newb dropping in.
      Im from Norway, play alot of games, most of the time Defiance, Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2 and Star Wars - The Old Republic.

      I do not have many ships, looking more forward to being crew, I'm better soldier than the pilot, to put it quite honestly, but I got to learn sometime.
      Hope to be a member, and serve in Imperium.