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Best Halloween Multicrew Gameplay

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    • By Donut
      Looks like a very fun game to set up for practice aboard a ship and learn to work as a team
    • By Danakar Endeel
      The Gamescom Multicrew Demo in HD!
    • By VoA
      NOTE: - This is only a PREVIEW of what will come in Star Citizen 2.0 (AC 2.0) and some are glitches and some is being revealed in PTU 1.1.1a for the first time.
      We will be getting images, videos, Dev posts, etc... about the WIP that CIG is now starting to reveal on the Multi-Crew Ships. We can use this thread to collate all new WIP items about Multi-Crew Ships like these sister (archive) threads:
        Below is our first glimpse into Mult-Crew Ships with the Gamescom Video below from 2014.  Note there is an embedded link to a higher definition version directly from CIG in this video.

      Below is a new video of some players from Team Legacy experimenting in their Cutlass Black.  It shows what it will be like to be in combat from the perspective of a crew member in the cargo hold with damage being applied to the ship.  Note this damage being done to the Cutlass is per the older damage states and will be different when the newer damage state model (like seen on the Gladius) takes effect:

      Please post any videos or images you find on Multi-Crew Ships (in combat) on this thread (it may be awhile - but we will see more SoonTM )