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2018 Anniversary and Holiday Livestreams

Rocket Man

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Is there any information on when these are going to be this year?  Of course, I am assuming they are having a livestream for each as they have in the past.  I have vacation days to schedule before the end of the year and was looking to taking the days off aligned with these just to enjoy them live instead of on YouTube after.

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No official news yet.  Last year I believe it was near the end of November.  They did ship sales by manufacture each day of the week, but that's not guaranteeing they'll do the same type of sale this year as I don't recall what they did in 2016.

Quick Google search for 2017 Star Citizen Anniversary revealed this link.

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Thanks guys.  I've been having a hard time remembering what they've done the last few years since 2014.  I do remember last year's being the ship manufacturers each day.  I just would like to enjoy the live presentations when I can.  I will keep an open eye for their announcements.  So thank you for providing the previous links.

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3 hours ago, Scotterius said:

I wonder what kind of ships they will release. I am hoping for a medium origin fighter. A fast scrapper that I can log out in, for pve play when I just chillin'.

Cutlass Blue would be nice, not that I realistically think that will happen, but it would be nice 🙂

It will be interesting indeed - seems there is a bit of money on one being a new starter ship.

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