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All prices include "middle man" fees.  I sell my ships through star-hangar.com.

If you would like to see the pictures and prices on their site, go there and search "noredo" (without the "" signs of course, just noredo)

LTI C2 Hercules (original concept) $433.88

LTI Carrack Base - $482.01

LTI Reclaimer Base - $482.01 SOLD

LTI Retaliator Bomber - $343.64  SOLD

LTI Khartu-Al Base - $211.29  (new flight model coming!!  grab one quick! also, this was CCU'd from a P72)

LTI Herald Base - $115.04  SOLD  (had 2, both gone)

LTI Hull B Base - $121.05 SOLD

LTI P72 Archimedes - $61.20 (only 1 left!)


Freelancer Max Game Package w/ 6 months insurance - $199.26 (This is the old school package with both games! Squadron 42 and the PU! There are rumors the Freelancer Max is going up in price $10 at CIG and now Squadron 42 is sold separately for $45.. this is a steal.

Flair:  Trophy Collection - Citizencon 2946 $18.78

I am happy to answer any questions you have. I’ve sold ships here before.  No issues.


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Another ship sold!

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The Khartu-Al does not have thrusters. It’s possible this thing is going to have the agility of a humming bird in the new flight model. If that is the case, the price is going up 25 to 50 dollars. I just sold one through Star-Hanger (third party ship seller). I highly reccomend their service by the way. I’ve bought and sold many ships with them. Every transaction flawless, but I digress. 

I have 5 scouts left. I am only going to sell, at most, 3 more at this price. I’m going to gamble on the scout being awesome in the new flight model as well as getting a little love from CIG later on.

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Had to update because original post was edited

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