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citizencon 2948 Star Citizen 2948 Swag and Collectibles

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    • By Leggo
      Does anyone know if there will be a sale related to Citizencon this year?
    • By CC-Corp
      Well everyone it's that time again, 
      Looking to help people start to put together a list of who's goings and who has tickets or knows where to get tickets for people who want to go.
      Also there is a dedicated channel in Discord to get some plans rolling for this years event!!
      Google Doc for people wanting to state they are going
      RSI Ticket Location Link
    • By VoA
      CitizenCon Date confirmed for the 23rd of November in the Manchester Central Convention Complex

    • By GRIZZ
      I had hopes of the release for the Squadron 42 Roadmap with details, instead we were told it should release by the end of December.
      Twerk17 had stated it would likely be a discussion on the minimum viable product, and he ended up being correct.
      The presentation opens with Chris saying "What is release" which gave me chills deeper than the overpowered AC in the theater.
      By the timestamp of 8:30 he is done talking about the past and moving onto current things being implemented, Bind Culling, OCS, etc.
      Going forward his bullet points include:
      Ship Purchasing / Rental Org's System Full Persistence Server Meshing Release These are the milestones he feels are needed before the "Last Wipe".  As TheNoobifier says, its a "Soft Release". 
      It does not matter what jobs are implemented, what ships are flyable, for all we know this could be the best version of mining we see until they revisit it after release.  I do think server meshing is going to take forever to get right so we could be on the 3rd revision of all jobs, and have 30 systems, who knows.
      It was nice to clarify release was when wiping ends after server meshing, but I was hoping a few more features and locations would be promised as nessisiary before the wiping ends.
    • By VoA
      These are probably the most important aspects of SC to understand and many may have missed this first one (perhaps the most important for understanding the PU).
      If you are interested in discussing more about these - we will be covering them in Next Week's - Blood Moon Unit's TS Meeting (Mondays at 6pm PST)  ((All in Imperium are welcome))........ on the 22nd will be CitizenCon 2948 - Panel: By Design and on the 29th will discuss CitizenCon 2948 - Panel: The Principles of Flight  +++ Please add your take on these panels - on this forum thread - thanks
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