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Danakar Endeel

Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

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1 hour ago, Zarian said:

Your reasoning is somewhat flawed. The idea that Star Citizen is supposed to be 100% free is not realistic. There must be, at some point, a limitation or barrier.

My biggest problem is way the design feels artificial. I'm not against specialized ships or ships that can't do something, but the design and limitations should feel like they came from in-universe. Racing ships don't carry freight. Freighters don't dogfight. The devs have decided for purely game based reasons (wanted diversity or whatever) that the Valkyrie can't hold cargo (ignoring hand-loading). They admitted they are still coming up with an in-universe reason why, but this really rubs me the wrong way. It's doesn't feel reasonable that any in-universe designer would let space go to waste like that. It will always feel like it was designed from outside, rather than to an in-universe purpose. I feel similarly on the lack of crew doors, but that could almost be written off as "the military doesn't always think things through" and/or "military pilots wear full flight suits".
Tangentially, it's the same reason I'm wary of the quantum travel maximum distance change. I feel that increasing the range of the drive, or adding an automatic rejump or whatever would be a goal of in-universe designers. "New RSI ships let you enjoy a cup of tea while on long trips! No more busywork in the cockpit! Enjoy the skies; RSI."

Bottom line, the universe should feel constant, like people live in it, that they care about their productivity. Artificial and external limits will feel out of place.

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26 minutes ago, Morgenroete said:

This kind of error - giving wrong dimension when the ship is almost flight-ready - is ridiculous and unacceptable in any business.

This ship was also rushed. So things can easily get missed...

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4 hours ago, Morgenroete said:

This kind of error - giving wrong dimension when the ship is almost flight-ready - is ridiculous and unacceptable in any business.

I have to agree. This ship wasn't promised or sold at concept ahead of time, so they had the opportunity to get the stats right off the bat and didn't.

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Lt. Dan and I went out on the town and found an antenna and he wanted to show off his elite piloting skills.


I was very impressed he managed this with only the 3rd person camera and no guidance from me.


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I'm going to say this right now...


If air gets sucked out of the Valkyrie in a prominent way in squadron 42, then your ship was handicapped for Cinematic purposes.

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Looks like somebody is getting cargo!


Hi everyone,

We’ve received a lot of feedback requesting clarification surrounding secured vs. unsecured cargo and desire for the Anvil Valkyrie to carry cargo. We spent some time thinking about how this could impact game balance and feel we have landed in a sweet spot that will excite many of you Valk pilots out there. 

First, let’s start by talking about the differences between cargo stored via cargo grid vs. cargo that is manually placed on a ship. For all vehicles, there will be no physical limitation against carrying cargo other than the basic need for a space to place it. Cargo grids make carrying cargo much more convenient and practical, as they not only secure the cargo, but they also allow you to use kiosk terminals to load your ship. By comparison, cargo not secured to a cargo grid is at risk of causing damage, to the surroundings or the cargo itself, and must also be manually stowed and placed as it isn’t connected to the cargo grid-kiosk interfaces.

Finally, the moment many of you have been hoping for, in Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 we will be adding a cargo grid to the Anvil Valkyrie, occupying the same space as the vehicle storage. Since the Valkyrie’s design is not dedicated to hauling freight, its cargo grid technology will be relatively basic – it will not have the functionality to stack cargo layers high, but Valkyrie operators will now nevertheless have the option to choose to use the cargo grid to either secure cargo or embark a vehicle. We’re also planning to take a look at a variety of other ships to determine if there are more opportunities to make a similar change by adding similar cargo grids to spaces that make sense.


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6 hours ago, Boildown said:

I know its easier when you have 550 employees but... Star Citizen is doing an excellent job lately of knowing when to listen to its fans/backers and when to ignore them.  This time they listened.

All's good, until you realise that for the sake of balance they will have to nerf it in some other way...

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