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Any 3.3 associated Imperium events?

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Tomorrow should see the release of Alpha 3.3.  Does Imperium plan any event corresponding to this release?  Since the Hammerhead will be flyable in this release, and it requires a large crew to be flown effectively, I'm particularly interested in whether we want to stage a Hammerhead event, where Imperium members who own Hammerheads can meet up and other Imperium members can crew.  We could either do a mission, or perhaps show up at Cry-Astro or one of the new Rest Stops to protect those trying to use those facilities from the griefers who hang out there to cause trouble.  I imagine that a squadron of fully-crewed Hammerheads would give the griefers....well, grief.  A mission may be fun too, depending on what new missions we may see.  Thoughts?

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Bear in mind the release of 3.3 at Citizencon is expected to be a buggy, feature incomplete release of the 3.3 PTU to all. Not everyone likes playing the game in this state, so it might be wiser to plan something once it gets a Live release with a much more stable PU.

Whatever happens, my HH and I will be ready and waiting! :D

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1 hour ago, LowZone said:

Bear in mind the release of 3.3 at Citizencon is expected to be a buggy, feature incomplete release of the 3.3 PTU to all. 

That's a very good point.  Perhaps we should first test the build and make sure it's playable enough for this sort of thing.  I'll re-post once we know a bit more.

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    • By Aethio
      Didn't see a topic on the subject so just thought I'd throw it out there --
      3.3's coming with a really awesome new feature called Object Container Streaming. In a nutshell, this is the godsend that those of us with limited stocks of RAM have been asking for.
      Basically, it helps out a lot with one of the biggest issues plaguing SC in terms of performance, and that is the presence of too many objects. This issue is (one) of the reasons that a lot of people (me) experience a lot better framerate in Arena Commander than in the PU... the client in <3.2 needs to load pretty much all objects in the immediate container simultaneously. A container could be as large as a solar system for reference (it is the object that holds all other objects, such as ships, stations, planets, ships on planets, people in stations, etc. inside of it, that the client needs to track... you can see why it's a drain on RAM)
      OCS migitates this issue by offloading objects on the client's RAM to the server, as much as possible. So, if you jump from one planet to another, all objects tracked in the previous planet would then be offloaded from your computer back onto the server, while the server then will send you the new entities present at the next planet... RAM doesn't have to track both objects simultaneously.
      Something else noted in the OCS RTV -- something called distance offloading -- an object will offload (roughly) at x distance times y size. Meaning, objects will be offloaded in a similar fashion described above if they are beyond your perceptual radius. For instance, if travelling away from a planet in SCM, with a small ship (i.e. an Aurora) and a large ship (i.e. Constellation) right at your departure point, the Aurora will be offloaded  first (as it vanishes beyond the radius of your view), the Constellation second, and then the planet eventually (though it would take a ridiculously long time)
      TL;DR it is a huge performance upgrade that should really help out with the game's voracious RAM appetite 😊
      (edit: What to expect from OCS/ABS in 3.3 (FAQ/Guide) here's a nice and pretty forums thread about it by RSI @UrsaPolaris)
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      I realize that likely nobody knows the exact time it's going live, but I was wondering when everyone thinks we can expect 3.3 to hit the servers?  I was under the impression it was supposed to be available yesterday.
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      Hello Once More @Imperium Members!
      This month we’ll be continuing the format from last time! In case you missed it, here is the explanation of the changes and some new information related to how Game Days will operate in the near future:
      We wanted to improve the experience of Game Day overall and felt that with Star Citizen in its current state just doesn’t warrant the amount of effort that we had once been able to put into it. IE. Custom Scenarios, Hype Trailers, Streaming, Competitions. Eventually that will change again and we can get back to the game that we are so anxiously awaiting. Until that time we would like to keep Game Day’s focus as a team building event that gives us a regular time each month that we can set aside to play games as an org. 
      You’ll notice at the top of this post there is a poll with several games as options. If you plan on taking part in this Game Day, please vote for your favorite choice from this list, and those that play in the chosen game will be added into a raffle! The poll will close on this next Friday, the 25th of May.
      You’ll still be free to join in with anyone else that would be playing Star Citizen, so don’t worry if you don’t have any of the games in the list.
      If you would like to suggest game to play together as an org on future Game Day’s please leave us suggestions in this thread and we will add them to the poll for the next event.
      We’ll also be shortening the duration of Game Day for this month. Instead of 1600 UTC through 0400 UTC, we’ll be starting at 1800 UTC and run to 0400 UTC.
      Joining Game Day
      For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on Teamspeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com), and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action!
      As for most other Game Day’s, we will be providing raffles for participants that play games in Star Citizen. However, this month we will be only conducting a participation raffle, so if you join any Star Citizen games created by other Imperium members, you’ll be entered into the raffle!
      As mentioned above, we will also be conducting a participation raffle for the winning game from the poll. Said game will have several TS channels created for players to meet up and play together, and doing so will enter you into this second raffle as well!
      Since we are hosting two games at once, be sure to check in with an officer or specialist that your name was added to the raffle of the game you played in! (As much as we may pretend otherwise, our Game Day hosts are still human, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on your chance to win free stuff)
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      New to Star Citizen?
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      Blind culling is becoming synonimous with the rapture lol.
    • By Ostia
      @Imperium Member

      PTU has been opened up to first wave testers, concierge members, and subscribers. This means that a good chunk of us already have access to 3.0 right now! If you don’t yet have access you have two options: 
      Be patient, the devs are doing their best to get it to you as soon as possible. Subscribe for that sweet delicious early access. In either case, access or not, you are invited to join Imperium and the Star Citizen community this Saturday for a very special Game Day event!
      As mentioned in the most recent Game Day Announcement, in the case that 3.0 is in PTU for the upcoming Game Day (this Saturday the 25th of November 2017) we will be playing 3.0 and featuring it on the Game Day Stream for those of you who can’t yet play or would rather just watch. 
      Along with the 3.0 shenanigans and the stream we will also be doing a bunch of giveaways of RSI gift cards, game packages, and Imperium branded clothing.
      Be sure not to miss this one!