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    • By Cline_West
      Astrum Militia


      Regular/Hardcore (Exclusive)

      Role Play:
      Yes (MilSim)

      Time Zone:
      International (NA/EU/ASIA)

      The Astrum Militia is a Star Citizen military simulation organization established to primarily provide an immersive and realistic environment for all members and further enhance the fidelity, detail, lore, and expand on the content provided by Star Citizen. The Astrum Militia utilizes a chain of command system, among other departmental and organizational structures to enhance gameplay and foster a tight knit community.
      RSI - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ASTRUMMIL
      Discord - https://discord.gg/rMDeCYr (Recruitment Only)
      Website - http://astrummilitia.com/
      YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCflnA6vxJFVSXAV5brgfmtQ
      Star Citizen Wiki - https://starcitizen.tools/ORG:Astrum_Militia

    • By Edimis
      Strength, Training, Courage:
       -These are all accolades of our Navy and Marine forces in the Shoresiders Guild. We actively participate in anti-terror activities, and do our best to ensure there is a little less smell of shit in staton. We operate on a large fleet, among many smaller fleets, we have the firepower to wipe out a small fleet on our own. We just need the manpower. Will you answer the call? The Shoresiders Guild looks for those seeking PMC work.
      Missions, Not just Contracts:
       -The Shoresiders Guild does more than "contracts". Sure, each of our Missions is based off a contract, but there is more to each contract in our missions. Your actions matter. When we do missions, if mission objectives are failed, then there is a different outcome than a success. Mind you the contract can still succeed, but our mission objective can still fail as well. Successful missions are met with smoother easier runs. Failed missions are met with a longer harder journey to go through, with more bumps than smooth road.
      A Guild, not an Org:
       -We are a guild because there is a closer connection inside of a guild. We don't identify as an organization, too corporate. The Shoresiders Guild is lead by two leaders who have the experience and the skills to ensure you learn more and feel successful This is not some member count kinda organization, this is a guild of closely nit units that stand together so we don't fall apart Strong Ranking Hierarchy The Shoresiders guild has a structure and a hierarchy to our ranks, but that doesn't make one person objectively better than the next We made this so each person can view their accomplishments grow over time! We use the ranks to ensure the smoothest gameplay during missions or when just having fun!


      A True Difference:
       -We want to crash the economy of Hurston Dynamics. Ourselves and a few other organizations are going to be working together over the course of the game's development to see how we can go about successfully crashing this economy. We will blockade trade ports, oversell useless cargo, strip mine Hurston and sell its valuables to Crusader, as Hurston Dynamics enslaves their employees, and we have to stop this life of monarchy from continuing! The UEE does nothing about it, so we will. We will have a fleet to blockade the ports large enough to scare off any bounty hunter, and leadership unmatched. By crashing the economy of Hurston, we can open up ways to evacuate civilians, or fuel the revolution to take Hurston away from the Corporate enslaver's hands and back into the people's.
      The Plan is simple:
       -Blockade all major Hurston trade ports until the economy of the planet is left to nothing, but also strip mine the planet down below to force its only valuable resources to be such a commodity that other planets would kill to get a shipment from our fleets. Our marines will control all major ground positions and continue to force Hurston security forces away at every interval, keeping the bunkers safe from hostile contact at all chances. The security station that is used to log criminals will be the control station of the operation on the ground, and the work to assault Lorville will be in action, however sending marines into a direct assault of the city would be absolute suicide. We will utilize Nova tanks from a long distance to send artillery to the city and force the security forces to react in force.
      The execution must be right:
       -Our soldiers must adhere to the motto of everyone out, no one in. If any slip through the blockade they will support the economy of hurston and contribute to the suffering of the workers.
      Join the fun!
      Website: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SHORESIDER
      Discord: https://discord.gg/SeCyEKZJRk

    • By Adm. Kilo [APX]
      Provide Security to those who need it.
      UEE Contracts and Private Contracts
      Navigational Charting and Scouting
      Salvaging Operations and Rescue Ops 
      Confined Spaces/ Cave Rescue
      Medical Operations and Teams on Standby
      Mining and Trading Opportunities
      First in. Last out.
      Sharing is caring but activity is key.
      All contracts / missions, discoveries, mining or trades are split equally among those involved directly in the operation itself. Usually split at a ratio of 70% between those involved and 30% to APX to help pay for membership benefits listed below. Any collected items outside the range of acceptability are yours to keep no matter the profit. (Loot).

      APX isn't about numbers. We believe in quality over quantity. When applying to be apart of APX you will be held to a higher standard then most organization's out there and with that comes a whole range of benefits. Member benefits are below and not limited too:
      Weekly Wage
      Advanced Equipment and Ships
      Free Repairs, Re-fueling and rearming paid for by APX
      Contract Opportunities
      Mining and Trade Opportunities
      Ship Request System – Cant afford a ship? We will cover it.
      To enquire about hiring our services, or joining our Org, please contact your local APX officer via this com-link http://discord.gg/3w7V2RY
      Member of the Allied Security Council   https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ALLYSEC
    • By Aftershock_SC
      AFTERSHOCK - United we stand, whatever it takes.
      Endeavoring to further humanity’s heroic venture into the stars, Aftershock aims to facilitate and further legal activities throughout the dark expanse of the cosmos, be it exploration, reconnaissance, medical, security or more.
      Per aspera ad astra.
      Through hardship to the stars.
      Further to the 2948 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo and the evidence of ever more capable and militarized spacecraft, it became clear that a common effort to uphold the UEE’s charters will be required. Thus, Aftershock was formed. With the common purpose of ensuring and promoting legality among the stars, the members of Aftershock remain steadfast in their duties.
      Section A – Combat
      As primarily a peacekeeping unit, Aftershock’s combat wing possesses the express purpose of securing hostile space and neutralizing hot zones. To this effect, any combat assignment can focus on, but is not limited to:
      Protecting new pilots while they learn the ropes, Defending neutral areas of space from attackers, Disabling monitoring devices planted by criminals, Clearing a base/station/area of hostile occupation, Escorting vulnerable ships, i.e cargo haulers, fuel transports etc. and Collection of bounties placed on hostiles by other pilots or the UEE’s Advocacy. Other, more advanced combative efforts require and are as such completed under larger plans.
      Section B – Exploration
      Aiming to further humanity’s journey across the cosmos, Aftershock’s exploration wing is tasked with investigating the dark expanse and plotting routes across it. An assignment for this wing can include:
      Discovering/maintaining jump points between systems, Finding habitable or otherwise suitable worlds for clients, General reconnaissance; recording hostile activity in other systems, Searching for astronomical phenomena, such as nebulae and black holes and Preemptive reconnaissance pending military action by Aftershock or its allies. Tasks that fall under the minor transport category should also be handled by the exploration wing.
      Section C – Medical
      Assuring that engagements are fair and survivable for both sides, Aftershock’s medical wing serves as a bulwark against the loss of life and limb, striving to protect and serve the wounded. Assignments to this wing can encompass:
      Detecting and testing the required services per engagement, Negotiating a safe treaty ensuring those who cannot fight can be treated, Performing medevac and/or search and rescue duties, Rapid transport to more advanced facilities should patients require it and Assisting other medical workers from other organisations. It should be noted that members of Aftershock’s medical wing should be experienced in other fields, especially combat and exploration.
      Section D – Industrial
      For those in pursuit of a profit-focused career, Aftershock’s industrial wing facilitates the gain of resources supporting other aspects of the organisation. Assignments may focus on:
      Mining for raw materials or profit, Haulage of goods across systems, Mass passenger transport between worlds/systems, Fabrication of materials for ship repair/general maintenance and Freelancing work throughout the entire organisation, supporting other wings. Other tasks that do not fit the mission profile of the aforementioned wings may be undertaken by this wing.
      Additionally, we also intend to offer;
      A mature environment for those passionate about Star Citizen, A tactical and authentic experience throughout all org operations, Partnership in the ShipShare program, facilitating local transport and ship trials, A (number-based) organization bank for possible capital-grade purchases in the future, A competitive area where members can hone their skills (recorded Star Marine and Arena Commander games, likely with inter-wing squad-based teams) and A general aim to have fun across the vastness of space! Requirements:
      Teamwork (it makes the dream work, after all), A mature and rational attitude to gameplay (remember, it is only a game), A willingness to be involved in org activities (though temporary inactivity is fine, just tell us) and The use of Discord until VOIP/FOIP is fully implemented. Things to note:
      We currently only operate in Europe and play around 16:00 UTC onwards; any regions are wanted and accepted, however. We welcome elements of roleplay, especially for tactical reasons, but this is not required. Any ages are welcome as long as they comply with the maturity outlined above. English is our primary language so we must insist upon it; though squads in other languages are welcome provided some level of understanding. Interested? If so, apply here. Please let us know you came via this post.
      Questions? Ask in our Discord server.
      Otherwise, continue to enjoy fighting, exploring, hauling or racing across the galaxy, citizen!

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