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    • By Gremlich
      Star Citizen: How Cloud Imperium Games Uses YouTube to Keep Fans Engaged Throughout the Development Process

    • By Gallitin
      Just watching random videos on Star Citizen PTU 3.0 and saw this one.  Guy runs out of ammo so hits a Gladius with an EMP and he flies right into an asteroid haha.
    • By DirtDiver2Nine
      Hello, fellow citizens, it's been for too long since I've made a post (life, work and all that noise). Super glad to be back in the swing of things! Anywho while I was doing my 2 Am trying to sleep but watching YouTube trying to make myself sleepy. It being as effective as an Aroura taking on a Super Hornet, I stumbled on to this super interesting video and immediately thought of SC because well I compare everything to SC. Super interesting video tho and it was one of those things that make you go "hmmmm" 
    • By Donut
      Started watching her stuff a few months ago and it's so clear and precise. Also her voice is extremely smooth and calming. Check her out and subscribe if you enjoyed this video
    • By Bartfresse
      Hey everyone :).
      So my name is Christoph or Bartfresse on the internet.
      I pledged pretty much a year ago and so far I got myself an Avenger Stalker and Reclaimer LTI (Constellation Andromeda Rental currently)
      I am obviously most looking forward on the Reclaimer and Version 3.2 but I will gladly settle for the first planetary version of 3.0 :). That is going to be sweet once its finally out in a couple of months.
      Otherwise I am more on the creative side of things, I have my own youtube channel which you can visit here:
      I have already made one Star Citizen gameplay video a while back but I intend for more content regarding SC in the future so stay tuned :).
      I am so happy about the new camera system implementation since 2.6 . It already enabled so many creative people to create amazing media. Can't wait what future updates in this field might include.
      Anyone attending Citizen Con Frankfurt this year? Let me know, maybe we can meet up then :).