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I have submitted an in-game application.

I am retired after a 35-year career as a GEOINT/Imagery Intelligence analyst with the US Department of Defense.  I have deployed three times to Afghanistan and twice to Iraq, providing GEOINT support to USSOCOM combat operations.  I am an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer (RSO) and pistol instructor.

I have backed Star Citizen since Jul 2, 2013.  I am a Concierge-level backer, at the Space Marshal level.

My current Star Citizen hangar contains: RSI Polaris; Aegis Hammerhead; Origin 890 Jump; MISC Hull-E; Consolidated Outland Pioneer; Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner; Aegis Vanguard Warden with Harbinger components (formerly Harbinger BUK); Starfarer Gemini; MISC Freelancer Max; Drake Cutlass Black; Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet; Origin 350r; Tumbril Nova Tank; RSI Ursa Rover; Tumbril Cyclone (base model plus all four variants); Origin X1 Force; Drake Dragonfly Black; Aopoa Nox Kue.

Although I'm willing to undertake most missions that conform to Imperium's CoC, I am particular interested in the following types of missions: trade/transport; convoy escort; anti-piracy patrols; piracy suppression; and militia support to UEE forces against the Vanduul threat.

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On 9/24/2018 at 12:42 PM, Baelthor said:

Welcome! and what a nice fleet you have there haha Hope you like your stay here.

Thank you Baelthor!  Yeah, I did get a bit carried away, but I've run into several folks whose fleets put mine to shame.  I'm sure I'll like Imperium!

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      I would like to sell my account in its entirety, however I am not done with StarCitizen, I just decided to start with a starter ship and work my way up. I will still stay a member of Imperium, it is just that I will be moving from Australia to Europe in March 2016 and want to have as many funds as possible to make the moving easier
      The email address won't be given away, it is my personal one for work, etc. I will however sent you an email stating that I won't be trying to recover it, which is mandatory selling an account.
      We are going to use a middleman for this transactions and will contact one on Reddit as soon as I see if somebody is interested.
      P.s. if somebody wants a single ship like the Reclaimer LTI please don't hesitate to contact me and we can arrange something.
      The Price is 2,250 US dollars.
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      Store Credits: 6.25USD
      UEC: 58,000 UEC
      REC: 346,000 REC
      FREE one time Handle change!
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      Melted ships (Carrack, a couple hornets/auroras/300's/mustangs and a constellation andromeda package with all the physical goodies!)
      Over 4,000 RSI forum posts, people will recognise you and you get a fair bit of PM's.
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      Standalone Ship - Endeavor Olympic-Class - LTI (non-giftable)
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      Patron of the Arts Award 2x
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