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4 hours ago, AstroJak said:

count me in as well... i might have Trak and Piece along with me but cant say what they want to do. My flight is at 12 noon thursday so it will be a good time to eat and then head to airport right after.


Make sure to say Hi to Trak and Piece for me :)


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The content was very great all the videos and most of the panels.

When they originally posted the Bishop speech and Mark Hamill I was one of the peoples disappointed in the quality of the characters back then. Now that looks really great and its even going to be improved. Characters panel and the Ivo Herzog tech panel were great.

My biggest relieve though is that they are working on gameplay. In the beginning keynote all the flight and FPS gameplay was shit. That was party of course because it was some Dev guy who does not have time playing the game and is using a gamepad. So you can't solely blame the game for that but they have to work on gameplay in the next Alphas.

So because of that I was really happy for the flight model panel. Even though I always want more regarding FM I would watch a 10 hour panel on that I am very happy that they now actually say what they want and what they are working on. And things like more weight to ships and realistic parameters and them having tools to do them right is great. Peoples very deep into the Flight Model and Controls debate had critizized in the past that the simulation and model was good but the parameters fed into it were unrealistic and bogus and created the bad experience. Now they are actually changing that.

And its important that they start thinking what they want:


and they also posted that they are working on ESP, controls, landing&docking as well as UI improvements

I might soon actually enjoy playing the Alpha (instead of just looking around or watching videos of it) - makes me very happy having this outlook that I missed the last year

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In the last months I was getting a little depressed about the state and process of development and even started to think about what would happen if the game never came out or would take another 6 years to finish development.

After this years presentation it's much clearer where most of the work was put and why we didn't see that much during testing. I mean if you take a look at the tools they had to invent to do what they do now/will do in the upcoming releases I can more than understand the delays.

Work on the flightmodel is more than welcome btw. :)

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