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This is a Thread for those folks who want to go to Citizen Con  2018 

CitizenCon 2948 Announcement

On Wednesday, October 10th, we invite you to join us at the Long Center, in Austin, Texas, for a full day of presentations and interactions, exploring the current and future developments in Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

Building off your favorite elements from last year’s event, and taking advantage of everything the venue has to offer, we are excited to bring the event back to where CitizenCon began!

Ticket Details

CitizenCon 2948 will be held on Wednesday October 10th, 2018 at the Long Center in Austin: 
701 W. Riverside Drive 
Austin, TX 78704

See a live presentation from Chris Roberts, and meet the team behind the game. We’ll also have plenty of activities and demonstrations around the venue, throughout the day to keep you entertained.

This year we will be offering two ticket types: General Admission for $87 and Premium Access for $130 (prices include local sales tax). Premium ticket holders will gain access to the seating section closest to the stage, as well as a premium registration service. Store credit cannot be used to purchase tickets.


Tickets will go on sale according to the following schedule:

  • Wednesday May 2nd, 12PM PDT: 450 Standard & 150 Premium tickets available to Concierge and Subscribers
  • Wednesday May 2nd, 6PM PDT: 450 Standard & 150 Premium tickets available to Concierge and Subscribers
  • Thursday May 3rd, 12PM PDT: 450 Standard & 150 Premium tickets available to all backers
  • Thursday May 3rd, 6PM PDT: Remaining 450 Standard & 150 Premium tickets available to all backers

Tickets will be available here

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5 hours ago, Painmiester said:

if this one fills up just tink of de bathroom lines  lol.

I wonder how the Engagement team will handle handing water bottles out to people in Texas in the middle of autumn before people get in.

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150 premium  tickets sold in under 1 min

No joy I'll try again in 6  hrs who needs sleep.

tried 6 hrs. later 9pm Est 2nd round and  went   0- populate- 11-   don't have the skill  ,pop 0     in 25 sec  sigh  grabbed a regular ticket    

hotel booked,

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If there are any hopefuls looking to get their Premium tickets during the next batch releases, here are some tips that may seal the deal so you won't need to admit defeat and get a general ticket (before realizing everyone else admitted defeat, too, and now they are sold out as well):

  1. Use a chrome extension to check the page for any updates every few seconds: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/page-monitor/ogeebjpdeabhncjpfhgdibjajcajepgg
    1. After installing, go to this page, click on your extension icon, and click "monitor this page." Then go into "options" and ensure you have the check interval box checked and set to 5 seconds (and use the chime sound effect to ensure you know the page was updated). Feel free to monitor other pages as well, though the actual ticket page triggers the alert every refresh cycle, so I wouldn't recommend it.
    2. Once 12pm PST rolls around, you should hear the alert ping, refresh the page, and immediately press "Add to cart" on the premium option.
  2. Ensure your shipping/billing info is saved in your account settings here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/account/addresses
    1. When you reach the page after clicking "Add to cart", there is a drop-down option just above the information fields you can use to populate the fields from your saved address.
  3. Ensure you check all the agreements at every page, missing some can slow you down by enough seconds to miss out on the batch.
  4. [EXTREMELY IMPORTANT] Use PayPal as your payment choice, as their buyer protection ensures that as soon as you are redirected to the PayPal site, your ticket is reserved to your order.
  5. If you miss the batch and see the "sku: out of stock" error window, remain on that page: as soon as the next and final batch at 6pm PST comes by, all you'll need to do is hit your return/enter key to re-submit the order request, whereas everyone else will need to go through the entire process again.
  6. If you do end up not getting the premium ticket, but still want to go to CitizenCon, grab a standard ticket as soon as you can, as there will be plenty others that will be doing the same. Don't make the assumption that because they have sold slowly the past day that they will last a long time when the final batch of premium tickets are sold out!

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4 hours ago, Sir_Belial said:

Once 12pm PST rolls around, you should hear the alert ping, refresh the page, and immediately press "Add to cart" on the premium option.

I found that mashing F5 from inside the Premium Ticket Info Page to be how I got mine. That extra second or two I got ahead of a page scanning extension helped.

That and a high-DPI mouse.

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On 5/5/2018 at 8:26 AM, AstroJak said:

Hey Rad i figured if im traveling from Canada for this im going premium all the way!!

Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk

lol..cool hope to hang with you a bit..how long are you currently planning to be there? 

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