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Navigating in the verse

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In this week's calling all Devs video by CIG there was a question brought up by a player asking if CIG would give players a coordinate system where would be easier to find things but this video buy MinionSoldier I think is the better solution and keep it as is by use of triangulation which I've used many times to find super nodes for mining.  He has other good suggestions but I think this is his best one and one that CIG will stick with mainly because again it allows players to rely on Discovery rather than going to an automatic point.



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    • By LightMonk
      I heard that navigation will be similar to Freelancer. Pick a Celestial Object/Nebula/Asteroid Field/Nav Point and your ship will be warped to it. I never played Freelancer, so here is my question: What time did one need to travel through one system? How long does one need to travel from one end of the Universemap to the other end?
    • By LightMonk
      I want a bit brainstorming on the Topic what Nav Points are. If they will be the only Navigation Methode to fly across a SolarSystem or from a Solarsystem to another. Will there be combinations? Advantages / Disadvantages of Gates: - Easy to use and Navigate - Escape Possibilities/Mechanics - Fight Generator //// - Without Scout troublesome - Fleets are getting reported by using them FTL: - Tactical Advantages (Positioning) - Staying out of Trouble by taking long routes - Surprise Raids! //// - Hard to use and Navigate (try to draw a map...) - once catched you have to fight Discuss!