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    • By PTFO_Nico
      To be honest I've followed this game for years but feel it's about time to jump in and see how it runs on my setup.

    • By Scuba_Shoelace
      hello, im sure you have all heard this before but i cant seem to fine the answer im looking for.
      Q1. is there a way to buy a cargo container for the RSI Aurora MR?
      Q2. if so where do i buy it?
      from what i have seen there are some sort of cargo containers for the ship but i have been unable to locate where i might be able to buy them. 
    • By Switch
      The long awaited return of the "10 for the Chairmen" series is over with a new format and guest Tony Zurovec! 
    • By Tallhart
      New UI looks good for mobi. Hope they change the scanning design though - that golf swing stuff is horrible. 
    • By Talion Kranfel
      ok i found this because i was looking to use a duel stick ,, i hope everyone find it useful here are the links
       you tube 
      and the contact information
      southpaw@dualsticks.com -left hand grip interest/waiting list
      www.dustshield@dualsticks.com -queries about dust shields
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