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Hi, I'm supernew!

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    • By SmellyDog
      Hi people, I'm having problems trying to find a profile for my X52 controller to play this game, can anybody help me please?
    • By Timziito
      Is it just me? or do the Conni and retaliator seem really weak, i own an Talli and it got taken down in 4 shots by an "Space Toyota Prius"
      I know it is early.. but still WTF :/
      MERRY X MAS! <3 From Sweden
    • By Rain
      Might be Interested In trading one of my Scythes for other ship(s) If the right offer comes through. I'm new here but have done plenty of trades on reddit, a change Is as good as the rest. 
      Cash is not out the question but not Ideally what I'm looking for.
      Feel free to make offers, or not.
    • By TitanEntity
      Hey guys, so i just managed to get 1.1.5, then 1.1.6 came out shortly after, i am still busy downloading 1.1.6 , but while i wait for the download i am playing some vanduul swarm in 1.1.5, but i cant seem to find how to free look in this version? could someone please tell me the keys to this option? iv looked everywhere and i cant find anything.

      So far i am using Insert to change camera views and Page up to swing the ship around a fixed camera point. but so far no free look.

    • By SkyLordOwen
      this post has been re-upload check here