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Feedback Wanted Simpit and Peripherals

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After a long time of research and configuring what I believe to be the best set up for Star Citizen and general gaming and purpose, it's almost ready to start the process.


I was always intrigued by the idea of a simpit but never liked the ergonomics until I came across this post and the set up going on:





I believe this is the set up I'm going after. Just wanted to know if there was anything I should add to this list besides the Volair Simpit, large center display and two alternate displays:

VKB Space Sim Joysticks


VKB Throttle



Corsair Dark Core RGB SE w/ Amazon Qi Charger




Is there anything else I should be looking at? Eventually there will be a VR headset and I will most likely be picking up the FOIP camera for SC.

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The ergonomics are very similar to mine. I have a joystick 'ductaped' to an office chair for left hand and use mouse in right. It is spot on for ergonomics, and is fine for long play sessions.

 I used this method but mounted my joystick going out to the side with my hand resting to the left (left handed stick in my case) and 3 inches behind seat cushion edge. It would be like the set up here but 90 degrees to the left.  I also started with a better chair and did some drilling.

With forward facing mounts, and desk mounted sticks I always ran into problems.  The sticks would bump the table, chair or be in awkward positions...or it would just be tricky to sit in. 

The point is, that my set up puts the sticks in the same location and it works great. What you are seeing matches up with what I have played with.  There might even be a $40 solution for you.  I have spent thousands of dollars on sticks, throttles and mounts...and my favorite is this. 

(Throttles are kinda tying your hands behind your back...but I don't think that was what you were asking about).  Mouse space is limited too, and it might be a little to far away.

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6 hours ago, Scotterius said:

(Throttles are kinda tying your hands behind your back...but I don't think that was what you were asking about).  Mouse space is limited too, and it might be a little to far away.

Yeah but for larger ships like the Starfarer and bigger, I don't see the benefit of dual joystick over a throttle and stick. Having a Reclaimer I've even been using the keyboard and joystick but would rather have an actual throttle. Also the throttle is nice for mining. I've been using the throttle that comes on the T16K joystick but that leaves a lot to be desired. It's a combined set up. Dual joystick + a throttle when needed. 

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1 minute ago, xKiLlFrEnZyx said:

Very nice setup... similar to mine! the only thing i would add (unless i didnt see/missed it) is an elgato stream deck button box... useful for some extra and easy to identify keybinds then i would say your all set for anything!

I guess I forgot to mention I have a tablet and a mount for it with Roccat Powergrid. Much more intuitive and multifunctional than the Stream Deck.

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2 minutes ago, xKiLlFrEnZyx said:

I guess... ive tried both options but i lean more towards the stream deck.. was slightly easier to "program".... for me atleast

Never had to program anything. Download Roccat and download the user made interfaces, and that's it.

This is just an example but there are many different UI's to choose from:


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Nice Setup!

I'm trying to achieve something like this done all by myself, what is the most difficult for me to choose from is I can't decide if I go with joystick or not, I found keyboard/mouse more accurate to aim with, it's more difficult to accurately aim with joystick. I hope it will change with time. I'm also testing some setup with a TrackIR and Voice Attack...


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b8_040418.jpgMOUNTS SECURELY Performance that stays where you want it. Drive fearlessly knowing the wheel won’t shift during aggressive maneuvers. The racing wheel mounts securely to your table or racing rig via built-in clamps or screw mounting points.

Take your racing to the next level with a Playseat® racing simulation cockpit.

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It looks cool but it's just too bulky, an Xbox Elite controller could do the job well without it interfering with anything else. I'm not a fan of moving stuff out of the way for others stuff. With the Volair at least the keyboard tray is rotational but not enough for dual joystick, throttle AND a steering wheel. The problem is it would remove the function of the desk top space also and from reports, the table top in front sits too high for mounting a steering wheel if you're under 6ft which I am sadly lol

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