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Are orange ships NPC's and okay to be shot.

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I have found that I like killing the orange ships that attack at various places and assume they NPC and have not gotten crime stat for killing them.

How do you tell if it is another player as I do not want to PvP.

I find that my ship is locked when I try to look at new weapons at Diggers, Duggars, Dinglers Depot at Olisar, I have one level of crime stat for bad parking, would that lock me out, or is it just not available yet.


Thank you, I love SC.

And the huge Reclaimer or whatever the name is is my dream ship.

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6 hours ago, JoseVega213 said:

and if it`s orange hostile you can kill them too? I really like this game, I even one time stopped learning well and I had to ask for help  papersowl.com  which by the way was cheap enough and I was helped there, so if someone else drags out the game and you stop learning, then ask for help))

I'm sorry but I think I don't understand what are you trying to say. (You can ask in the Spanish subforum in Spanish so I can help you if you have questions)

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