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Crusader Mercury Starrunner

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I LOVE - the fact that you can go into the ventilation system through the gaming table 😍 - seen about 4.30m into ship shape previously posted.

I also loved how the Concept Artist got super excited about he bubble canopy and seeing the guns firing below your feet (I also think this is Cool but Caution CIG about making too many non-strut canopies = hopefully they follow through with the concept of having less armor on canopies with no struts)





The Pledge Page is up for everyone including CCU options (I just CCU'd my Cutlass Red to one of these - especially since I have the Apollo)

&&&& === We need to get his ship and the Vulture - listed on the Portal 😎


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You can still obtain Advocacy skin.

From this week's Newsletter Mercury Star Runner Turret seats Looks like the front seat will rotate the operator 90 degrees (plus flips the operator?) and then moves down into the bott

For those that don't follow the Spectrum forum threads closely, this question was asked and ANSWERED by Zyloh-CIG:   ...and this is the skin they're referring to (if

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31 minutes ago, Chimaera said:

New location is Pyro.

Also, I can confirm that you can play multiple times in order to get both badges. Only get 1 skin though.

Yep. it just occurred to me that the skin is determined by which ever side gets the most reports. If more people report them to the UEE then the reward we all get is the UEE version. Hence the Advocacy Crime Tracker that wasn't on the Manhunt page earlier.

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I was wowed by its size.  

Twerk had an interesting comment on this mornings stream which I'll paraphrase.

"If your thinking about getting this ship you might as well wait.  They have pricing pretty figured out so by the time it becomes flight ready their shouldn't be much of a price jump, and when it goes flight ready you will have a way to rent the ship in-game first to try it out."

I think this ships under priced personally.

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Actually I think it is priced just right considering the price of the Herald and the Andromeda (with a snub, more cargo and more firepower but no built in data storage).   However I would not wait since CIG isn't stupid and will also increase price based on popularity and at the SAME time trying to keep the ship rare = example the Eclipse ;)

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25 minutes ago, Devil Khan said:

tips? just go to it "tip line" on spectrum and then holo view of systems, pick the system that is down go to and  the icon of the shhip should be there, if not it means want until it's on again. that is it. Tbh, it isn't a game 😕


edit: just checked  it's over for now.

Cano system

0.054 0.85 17

Thanks.  I thought I was doing something wrong, had seen Cano was the "system", but when I went to look nothing showed up.  Re-opened my browser, starmap and now the Duck is showing.  Must have been that refresh, I guess....

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One thing I noticed when the mercury, Genesis and Hercules was the Mercury had a really wrong back end.  The Herc and Genesis have the both covered and the Mercury has the engine exposed. I'm not saying it's bad just that it doesn't match the branding who where sleek and flowing, but not exposed engine body and such. Still a awesome ship,  

Just re-reading the stats Mercury Vs Cutless. They Mercury have just over 2x cargo space and 2x fuel tanks every thing but the kitchen sink, wait sorry  the mercury has that. just about everything mercury has it. However weapons... stats the Mercury wins, but placement mercury doesn't really have a straight line to fire all turrets and gimbles at the same time. However other than that it looks very awesome at every other thing (except speed, but only difference is 5 SCM and no dclue on maneuverability 

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1 hour ago, Devil Khan said:

Read back we already said it.

also the skin hasn't been decided as Good or the Bad side. The Pic even should who is winning ( UEE atm).

didn't have time to read back which is why I prefaced with "Just in case".... lololol  @Devil Khan I think you and I are always going to jab each other.  

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1 hour ago, GRIZZ said:

Theory: CIG made it the same price as the Constellation Andromeda so you couldn't buy an inexpensive CCU.  The cheapest CCU is a $70 Prospector to Starrunner.  

Eh? I just bought a $5 Terrapin-to-Mercury CCU. And what makes it even nicer is that the Terrapin was only $195 initially before it got boosted up to $220 value; so a nice $25 discount for my Mercury. :D


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I hear you...

After already CCU'ing my Constellation Aquila to the Hercules, I'm debating whether I should upgrade my one other ship--a Super Hornet--to the Mercury or kill my Hercules altogether and get this ship plus whatever $100 in credit would get me.
Decisions, decisions...

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http://www.starship42.com/fleetview/ - now has the Mercury StarRunner  (remember to input your ships manually - not via a file)

My fleet in spoiler below... :)




Images from Ship Shape in spoiler...



















Some interesting player suggestions....

Love the Mercury. A few suggestions on the layout.

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