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Ongoing Discussion Is it me, or are these prices outrageous?

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don't bother every test so far from others (linus ect.) have said its about 25% - 35% better than 1080ti for the cost i would go for a 2nd 1080ti or if you don't have one get 2 in sli.

oh and as to the naming Titan /GTX ect. i think they have now merged the Titan into the line (RTX) .. no more GTX / Titan separate

P.S. just read prior pages XD yep titan is now the 2080ti lol

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The Titan  will cost 3000 and it should be release new year as usual.

Nvidia, claimed the titan and Ti became one, like they officially claimed there was no more Ti ever before The 780 or 980 Ti I can't remember and can't be bothered looking it up.

The performances is basically the same as the 780 - 780 Ti and 1080 - 1080 Ti, the titans have only a marginal from the *80 Ti, but a huge price difference.

Again this topic is about the price, not the specs unless vs specs. I personally think that Nvidia increased the price again because of their greed. The base price (pre-order) will go up. Personally I hate that, and I hate the fact that I need to get a new GPU and it must be Nvidia (G-sync monitor). 


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The Big issue here (and why the cost is so high) is due to the implementation of the RTX line aka Ray tracing that almost no one has designed for and while it does represent something that could be groundbreaking in the future (games build with it in mind) its completely useless at the moment witch is what makes the 2080 / Ti a waste to buy i.e paying 50% - 70% more for 20 - 30% improvement on an item that cant do what the stats on the box say ... Ray tracing that no one uses.



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6 minutes ago, Gremlich said:

20-30%? That's generous.

:lol: Very generous ..... VERY, at the moment the 2080 is basically a 1080ti with "RT" and the 2080ti is a titan BUT we don't know what the "RT" is doing to performance i.e. wasted resources that could have gone onto lower power drain and other things that ACTUALLY improve gpu performance, as you can see below the "benefit" of RTX is a waste in normal GPU functionality on games that don't have RTX .......... witch at the moment is basically all games  


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