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Ongoing Discussion GTX and RX 20XX series GPU's and possible prices

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On 9/20/2018 at 5:49 PM, Boildown said:

So it looks to me like they took their GTX 2080 and put a GTX 2080Ti label on it, and marked it up 50%.  Same for the GTX 2080, which should be a GTX 2070 by the performance stats.  So Nvidia is double-screwing us, higher prices for lower tier than what we've come to expect from a new generation (from Nvidia at least).

Why is the Ti version even coming out now instead of 6-9 months from now?  Is there going to be a Ti-squared 9 months from now?

Anyways, I'm sitting this one out until something changes.


Nvidia is refreshing their lineup to screw over AMD's new GPU releases on the July 7th:



This is what the RTX series should have looked like from the start (or maybe not even, but its closer to it).  The problem is that its now almost a year later.


Is there going to be a Ti-squared 9 months from now?

Looks like I was pretty close to the mark on that one, just not on the 2080 Ti (yet?).


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