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7 hours ago, DirectorGunner said:

You do save $600 but at the cost of no warranty or product support outside of Korea afaik. Plus, current GPUs, with current games .. it'll be hard to get 4K (short of potato visual quality) in 120fps. But 2 to 4 more years, I think we'll be there.

You have to send it back to Korea to do any warranty. For $1,400 I'd still do that

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3 hours ago, Booster Terrik said:

I‘ll buy a 120hz 4k monitor when they introduce a graphics card that can run it at 120hz with all eye candy turned on 😉 I think i‘ll wait for high refresh OLEDs though

OLEDS aren't sticking around, the ghosting and image retention is too much and now that a lot of people aren't using cable and mainly streaming services it can't keep up. 

The 1180's and 1180ti's should have no problem on 4K, they're boasting almost 40% increase in performance


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Yes OLEDS are organic and break down overtime quicker than most non-organic LEDs. AFAIK. This is why I'll never buy an OLED TV or Monitor again. I just bought a QLED 4K HDR 240hz TV from iirc Samsung.. the colors are supersaturated which I don't like but the picture is very nice.

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Time to wait for microLED I guess, I don‘t really like the backlight bleed on most LCD screens. I also think they are going overboard with this HDR thing: can you imagine sitting in a dark room and you just blew up an enemy fighter and it gives you a 1000cd explosion over the whole screen area? You‘ll be seeing stars for the next few minutes 😝. With Oled you don‘t need high brightness because the black is really black which is ideal for space games but you are correct: imagine retention and burn in are a major concern with video games that always show the UI in the same place. As bad a pilot as I am I probably won‘t have this problem because I will be podded once an hour and change ships then😉 I just have to make sure to pick a ship with a different struts and MFD placements ...

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