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What to do in the hanger?

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So I've just bought the game, 42 and a ship, it's downloaded and I've started.

From the main menu I've selected Universe, because that's my interest, then I get another page where the only option is Free Hanger, so I go in there and yes, there is a big hanger.  There's nothing in it though apart from a couple of lifts.  So I've been up and down a couple of times, but to be honest that get's a bit boring pretty quickly.

I've clicked the blue dots and can see my ship in the hud, but where is it physically?  Should it be here or is there something I have to do?



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Little blue dots throughout lounge area and against the walls for putting fishtank, bar, trophy, and other knickknacks.

Blue dots on the large open stage are for the various size ships. From entry is goes into small medium large as you move into room.

Interact using F.

Also, beyond the universe with the beginnings of trade, mining, mission and combat actions -  there is a free flight SIM, which allows for practice flight in a small sector, combat against NPC foes, and even the race tracks.

Added the Star Marine section for head to head combat (pretty sure that comes with the 42 addition). - DRUM 0ut

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The hangar module can spawn your ship if you select the right dot. For instance if you have an Aurora or Mustang then clicking on any Size 1-2 dot on the landing pad will bring up a menu where you can select that ship which will then spawn for you to check out.

However, that is not all there is. :)

If you bought the Star Citizen game package then you should also have access to Crusader (Port Olisar Spaceport) which is the actual alpha game environment. Here's a screenshot:


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If by Game.. if you mean you bought a Star Citizen, SQ42, plus a ship package. Then you do have access and can likely place your ship in the hangar depending on your ship being hangar ready for viewing. In the hangar look at the floor and run around to find one of the blue dots for ship.. see the size number.. you can only place your ship on node spots that match it's size number. So say a super hornet is a size 2. While a Connie (constellation Andromeda or Taurus or Phoenix or Aquila) is iirc a size 4 ot 5. When you find the right ship size node, you'll be able to place your shit.

You don't need to hold down F to place a ship via interaction menu.. in fact I found it buggy when tying that.. instead just click it with your center screen on the blue dot, it will pull up a ship placement menu.


After you admire your new ship and check it out, depending on if your game package has Star Citizen, you can then go to the PU as shown in previous posts.. go to the center terminals where there's a ring of terminals with a massive holo gas giant in the center. Go up to a screen, hold F and click the screen.. release F.. and select your ship to spawn. From there you'll be given the pad number it spawned on and a new blue marker for it's location. Makle sure your space suit is one (F4 to quickly check in 3rd person) and go jump in your ship. When near your ship, get within arms length and hold F.. depending on the ship and location.. you can enter cockpit or climb ladder or open door. Once in your cockpit sit, hold F again and find flight ready. Click it.. space bar for vertical lift.. and then you're good to go. F1 is your mobiglass.. it's like a future idea of a smart phone. A lot of what you do in game will involve the mobiglass in the future. For now we use it to change outfits and create contracts.

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So if I bought 42 and the Avenger Stalker 'Package' I should have 42 and the verse?  Or am I completely misunderstanding the slightly confusing shop front?

Because I don't have any of the options shown in the above screenshot, all I can do is enter the empty Fly Safe hanger.

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1 hour ago, Shubunkin said:

So if I bought 42 and the Avenger Stalker 'Package' I should have 42 and the verse?  Or am I completely misunderstanding the slightly confusing shop front?

Because I don't have any of the options shown in the above screenshot, all I can do is enter the empty Fly Safe hanger.

Take a screenshot of the contents in your package and post it here so we can see what package you bought. ;)

If you bought the Avenger Stalker Package then you should have access to Star Citizen and it should look something like this:



If however you somehow bought a standalone ship by mistake with Squadron 42 added separately, then you wouldn't be able to access Star Citizen (the MMO). In that case there are still ways to get both if you'd like to have both games. If so I can help you with the steps required in getting the package you wanted. :)

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19 hours ago, Shubunkin said:

I can't find Packages, but in My Hanger I have 42 and a standalone ship.

So, I have a ship I can't use at the moment, I'll need to buy the MMO to get into the game with most going on?  Which bit should I buy next?

Sorry for being such a womble!

No worries. It's an easy mistake to make. Fortunately it is also easy to fix. :)

What I personally would do is just 'melt' (Exchange For Store Credit) your standalone ship and the Squadron 42 addon. That way your account will receive Store Credit (you'll probably end up with $45+$60=$105 Credit) which you can then use to buy a different package which will not only cost less but also contains more and may even leave you with some spare credit to boot (see below). So no need to spend even more money just to get access to Star Citizen. ;)

The image below shows the 'Exchange' button. 


And in the Billing section on your account you can see the amount of Store Credit available once you've melted something.


You can melt your items by going here:


Click on the item you want to turn into Store Credit, then the 'Exchange' button, and confirm that you want to convert it to Store Credit. Do the same with your other item and after exchanging both items for Store Credit you can then put the package from the link below in your shopping cart and pay with store credit instead:


The package in the link contains both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 access for $65 (store credit).

In order to use the store credit to pay for your purchase simply click on 'Credits & Coupon' at the billing screen, enter 65.00, and Apply.



That way $65 of your Store Credit will be applied to your purchase so you won't have to pay with any real money. Any spare Store Credit you might have left afterwards can then be used to upgrade the Mustang inside the package back to an Avenger (or other ship) if you want (personally I would suggest getting the Avenger Titan variant instead of the Stalker). You can get an Avenger upgrade token for $20 by getting this upgrade (and pay for it with store credit again):


Once you have the Avenger upgrade token, go to My Hangar again and click 'Apply Upgrade' to turn your Mustang Alpha into an Avenger.

Doing this will allow you to get 1 convenient package containing both Star Citizen + Squadron 42 and an Avenger Titan to play with by using a total of $85 in Store Credit (instead of the $105 you likely spent for just Squadron 42 and a standalone Avenger). So in the end you may even have an extra $20 Store Credit available to use on something else (like using it for a standalone speederbike or something so you won't have to pay the full sum). :)

If you need more assistance just let me know as I'm happy to help out where I can :D

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    • By killnod
      Kruger P-72 Archimedes with LTI(Life Time Insurance)
      StarFarer with LTI(Life Time Insurance)
      Add-Ons Game Universe StarMAP with LTI
      Selfland Hangar , Revel & York Hangar , Aeroview Hangar , VFG Industrial Hangar

      UEC - 31000
      2944 WAR BOND
      New Price - $550
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      Auto quality seems to put it at 360p, but it does have option for 1080p. Space-Moose and myself ganking and dog fighting in Universe. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed
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      Hey there just wondering if there's any info on whether the PU will be reset when the game launches for real? Pretty much ever other pre-alpha/beta game I've played has reset its servers before launch but I can't find any info on whether that will be the case with SC. I imagine if they do we'll get refunded all the credits we spend now. If anybody is a subscriber and could send it in for 10 for the chairman that'd be awesome!
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