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RSI Apollo = Triage + Medivac (variant)


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On 7/21/2018 at 2:20 PM, VoA said:

Many are hoping for Variants - you may want to read this Spectrum thread -->> Apollo ship design is awesome. We need combat and explorer variants.

I think you should seriously think of getting a Constellation Taurus.   I think it is a great ship :wub:....... and probably the "best value" at only $150 now of any ship relative to its price (the BMM used to hold this top spot).... though it is debatable if the Hull B is also great vs is $90 price tag (clearly value vs $ but not as many options as the Taurus).   Remember the Taurus can be upgraded quite a bit and it comes standard with smuggling holds with a great deal more cargo capacity than the Freelancer Max.   You could also consider the Freelance Max and also a Hull A or Hull B.

I already have a Constellation--although I have a CCU from the Aquila to the Hercules currently just to have a large cargo ship.  I also have the Super Hornet, so I don't need a dogfighter.  I wanted a mid-size ship like the Drake Cutlass--but not the cutlass (was never a huge fan of it).  The Apollo though--WOW!  What an awesome looking ship!  But, it's a pure medical ship which is a role I don't care to play.  Instead, I'd rather gut it and either leave it for cargo space or other options. 

I did some photoshopping and created a couple other variants that I think wouldn't take much to move to (which I also posted on that Spectrum post you linked, thanks!)

Cargo Variant: Remove the interior, add a cargo area with lift (like the Constelations)


Police/Bounty Variant: Add some more weapons and a couple seats for remote turret operators.  Max crew goes up to 4


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While i agree the Taurus is a better option for the money i would love to see a similarly stripped down version of the Apollo and have RSI introduce a variety of ships bay addons such as cells, medbays, jump seats, scanner stations, etc for both the Taurus and Apollo class ships.

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3 hours ago, AstroJak said:

I feel a little dirty now but i did pick up the medivac variant... I was pretty sure i wouldn't succumb to the shinny new ship but i was wrong... again!

I hesitated a long time on the Vulcan (think it needs a buff) + the Eclipse (I have too many bombers - lol) = but eventually caved in and got those.

The Apollo was a no brainer....... I went on/off with my Cutlass Red (probably melted it and melted it more than any other ship - so I finally found this role filled with the Apollo) :)


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2 hours ago, Booster Terrik said:

I might just have to CCU my MIS to this puppy. Now I’ll have to find the cheapest MIS to Apollo CCU. Does anyone know when the sale will end, I am still on holiday till saturday.

I would think twice before CCU your Freelancer MIS since it is a rare (thus more valuable ship after launch) and it's likely to be pretty awesome in combat.  I actually am holding onto a Super Hornet to Apollo Medivac CCU and will apply it once my F8 Lightning is flyable :)  Think about getting it via Warbond and upping your Pledge :)

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On 7/23/2018 at 10:17 AM, Memoriam said:


Why do you want a cargo variant???

The Taurus is cheaper and bigger ( = more cargo )

Sure it's bigger, but bigger is not always better.  I want a smaller cargo ship that is faster and more nimble for possible smuggling jobs, or just need to get away from pirates faster.  I also like the look of the Apollo, and looks are big to me.  I don't want the Drake Cutlass.

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The only other variant model of the Apollo that CIG should release a "base model", similar to the Retaliator Base model. And I mean base model. I don't mean a cheaper cargo model, like the Constellation Taurus. The reason is that the RSI Apollo is supposed to be modular, which means that it doesn't need variant models, like CIG did with most of the early ships (Aurora, 300, Hornet, Freelancer, Constellation, Cutlass, etc). CIG has designed the Apollo Triage and Apollo Medivac variant. The only other Apollo model they should create is the base model without any modules installed.

The problem with different ship models is that CIG won't allow you to "downgrade". For example, if you have a 300i and you use a CCU to upgrade it to a 315p, you can't ever go back to the 300i. You can only upgrade it further to a 325a or 350r. That's the problem with ship models, and why ship modularity is superior. Because with a modular ship, the ship doesn't change, only the module(s).

CIG has stated that the RSI Apollo uses modules in the "main interior section" where the medical bays are located in the Triage and Medivac models. So the Apollo is a modular design, which is great. Modularity is great because you can buy one ship and buy however many modules you want, install one, like an Exploration module, for exploring, and then return to base and install another one, like a Passenger module, for transporting passengers. It's unbelievable that some backers want the Apollo to have variant models instead of a variety of modules.

CIG should create an Apollo Base model, so backers don't have to buy the Triage or Medivac to acquire an Apollo. A cheaper Apollo Base model would enable backers to buy a modular Apollo hull and then buy the modules they wanted for it.

I think the Apollo Base should be priced around $110-125. I know that sounds too low -- especially since CIG is overpricing ships these days -- but the Apollo Base would have to be cheaper than the Constellation Taurus because the Taurus is larger, has more weapons and engines, and is configured for cargo hauling. The Apollo is comparable in size to a Freelancer or Cutlass, so I think the $110 price for the Apollo Base is justifiable (even if it's unlikely that CIG would price it that low).

Ideally, CIG will release an Apollo Base model and a variety of Apollo modules at the same time, so backers can buy the modules they want for their Apollo -- which is what they did with the Retaliator Base and modules.

I don't want it to be like the Caterpillar, which was touted from the beginning as being a modular design, and CIG concepted a dozen different modules, but they've seemingly abandoned them and relegated the Caterpillar to a cargo hauler only. If CIG released the Apollo Base without the modules, there's no guarantee that CIG would follow through with the Apollo modules.

It's important to remember what Paul Jones said about the Apollo's ship development:


"We had quite a short timeline on this one for a medium ship."


CIG rushed the Apollo through the concept phase, which is probably they didn't develop any variant models for it. They just wanted to get a medium-size Medical Ship out there for backers to buy. That makes me doubt if CIG has any intention to develop the Apollo into a multi-role hull because that would involve a lot more work. Using the Reclaimer as an example, its only role is a Salvage ship and it doesn't appear that CIG has plans to develop it any further. That's why I kinda doubt that CIG will both developing the Apollo further. They'll probably get the Apollo in the game relatively quickly, compared to other ships that we've been waiting 4+ years for, like the Banu Merchantman. I wouldn't be surprised if the Apollo makes it into Alpha 3.5 because Medical gameplay is going to be important and is probably going to be prioritized.

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Ok looking at The basic Apollo and  Cutlass read they are basically the same. Both have T3 2x3 beds. However since the rework it'll drop a bed or two. There is no difference besides the droid in apollo. However for the price of a Apollo you could get 2 cutlass reds.  





Will there be any interactive ‘doctor’ gameplay to healing in med bays and first aid, or will it be automatic based on the tier of healing?

The design for doctor/medical gameplay is not fully signed off, but it currently has interactive elements to it. One of the things that we always want to do with Star Citizen is to make player interactions physical rather than just pressing a button and walking away, an example being the current mining loop that requires a level of constant control instead of automatic extraction.


What happens to the player while they’re waiting to be picked up, transported, and healed – are they just sitting there doing nothing the whole time?

Currently, the plan is for the player to be physically immobilized during pickup, transportation, and healing. However, during the implementation process, we will review whether this is too much and if we need to provide some level of interaction.
During these ‘down’ times, we’ll make sure the player has access to feedback notifying them of their current state and an indicator showing the rough time until the next state.


Will NPCs requiring treatment spawn in your ship?

We don’t plan on this being a natural occurrence, as having six random NPCs suddenly turn up on your ship requiring treatment without warning would be a pretty unnerving experience. However, NPCs can be collected via drone and treated on your ship as a result of interactions you make, be it specific medical mission participation or as you respond to other relevant beacons.


Can the Apollo expel players who refuse to leave after being healed?

The Apollo itself provides no specific method for doing this, but we expect owners will find their own unique ways to remove uncooperative patients!


‘Search and rescue’ gameplay involves a lot of looking and finding. How do the scanners on the Apollo compare to scanners on other ships, specifically the Terrapin and Cutlass Red, whose brochures and ship pages advertise that they can also be used as search and rescue craft?

The Terrapin and Cutlass Red both have medium scanners, whereas the Apollo has a large one, like the Carrack and some of the other bigger ships. While they both do the same things and can be used for the same purposes, large scanners have a higher range/spread and give more accurate details.

What happens to injured players who refuse to pay after being healed?

In order to prevent abuse, we expect to require players to pre-pay in aUEC/UEC for treatment. It could be a voluntarily choice for conscious players, and be tied into the pre-accident request to respawn at an Apollo for those more gravely injured.


What tier of beds will capital ship med bays have? Will they still rely on medical ship support?

It depends on the ship in question, but a ship with a dedicated medical bay will generally have a high tier bed to provide full medical support. Bear in mind that this will be of limited use if the ship itself is critically damaged and the crew is injured. It is unlikely that capital ships will have enough high tier beds to support serious recovery for the entire crew simultaneously (with the exception of those dedicated to the role, like the Endeavor Hope).


Are there injuries that the Apollo cannot fix but the Endeavor can?

Assuming the Apollo is equipped with the best tier of beds available, then it can fix the same injuries as the Endeavor as the functionality per bed is the same. However, the Endeavor won’t have a loadout as limited as the Apollo, so can heal more people simultaneously.


Will there be more variants of the Apollo, for example police/military/fighter/transporter?

There are no plans for further RSI Apollo variants outside of the Medivac and Triage. We want this ship to stay focused on its current role.


Can we sleep in a hospital bed to log off?

This is not something we currently plan on allowing, but we’ll review it as the gameplay comes online.

Since the ship only supports two crew members, does it mean we are limited to a pilot and a doctor as crew (it would be helpful if the crew positions/roles could be fleshed out more for us)?

We don’t see the roles being as strict as just ‘pilot and doctor’ and envisage both players taking part in recovery and treatment. While landed or docked in space, both crew can safely help. However, there is nothing to stop the pilot leaving their seat to help while the ship is flying (ideally in safe space!).


If the Apollo has tier 1 beds to allow respawning, will it also get a beacon for that like the Endeavor?

Yes, the beacon described in the Endeavor Q&A is very similar to our current Service Beacons and requests for medical assistance will be done through those.


Will there be a cooldown on respawns for an individual player, or will it be limited by the resources carried on the Apollo?

There will likely be a cooldown period to promote the concept of death having serious consequences, but it will also be limited by the medical resources carried on the Apollo. While you could respawn multiple times on the same Apollo in the same game session, the overall respawn amount will be limited by the resources that the ship has available. Each spawn or recovery will use an amount of the equipment/consumables required for medical gameplay.

How do you envision the balance between medical gameplay and time to kill (TTK)? Turning players into the kind of bullet sponges that facilitate the different stages of injuries and healing doesn’t make for a fun FPS experience, while having a shorter TTK results in players dying too quickly to use anything other than tier 1 recovery.


TTK will be increased as we bring more features online. However, we’ll be constantly reviewing and amending the features that contribute to it to ensure all related gameplay feels as fun and immersive as possible. In previous releases, our TTK was quite high, but the UI gave very little feedback to the players about what was going on. This gave a poor feeling to both parties, but there are lots of systems due to be implemented that will prevent this from happening again.


What’s the advantage of the Apollo in comparison to a medical bay you can find on ships like the Carrack?

The Apollo’s medical bay can hold more people than a non-medical focused ship (outside some of the capital ships mentioned above) and its modularity allows it to heal in ways the vast majority of ships can’t.


Will tier 1 medical bays support everything the lower tiers do?

Superior tiers will include all the functionality of lesser tiers. An interesting decision for the player will come in how they configure their bays – having higher tier beds limits the number of people you can heal and using them to provide lower tier healing could be a waste of time, space, and resources.


Does removing the medical modules increase the amount of SCU that can be used for cargo?

The medical bays can’t be removed, so the maximum cargo capacity will still be 28 SCU.

Can bounty hunters and slavers use the drones to retrieve unconscious hostile players?

The drones simply require the patient to be immobilized/unconscious, what you do with them after that is up to you! The Apollo does not lock people into the medical beds, so unless you constantly monitor them they will either die from their injuries or wake up and become mobile again and require further restraining.

Will the Apollo have outlaw applications, such as harvesting organs and limbs of PCs and NPCs captured, to further add depth/profit to bounty hunting/assassination missions?

Organ harvesting is not something we currently plan to support in medical gameplay!


Will pulling high g-forces affect patients on board? If so, how are they affected?

We want the patients to stay in a state as stable as possible and the medical beds are designed to avoid this kind of thing (outside of catastrophic events, obviously). Long-term plans are for all players onboard all ships to be subject to g-force relevant to how the ship is being flown. Being restrained in either a seat or bed will mitigate this somewhat.


Can Apollo owners set their ship to not be an active spawn point when they don’t want people arriving on their ship?

For patients who are not in your friend list/party, retrieving them is an active process using the drone. You will have to actively accept missions or go to beacons to recover non-party members, so there’s no need to switch your ship off as a spawn point.
However, when playing in a party (and the requirements to respawn are met, such as distance and capacity), players will automatically be given the option to respawn aboard your ship.

Are medical consumables (hoses, sterilized needles, drugs, tools, blood/plasma, etc.) stored in the med bay, or do they take up space in the cargo hold?

Medical consumables must be stored in the cargo hold, but the plan is to balance it so that even on an intensive medical mission, you’ll still have room for regular cargo if you wish.
On the flipside, you may want to run with minimal medical supplies to just offer a couple of healing sessions and instead attempt cargo missions to generate additional income that way.




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@Devil Khan

Well you cannot upgrade the beds on the cutlass whilst the apollo can have 2 tier 1 beds. So if you want to span( / revive) allied player near a location while not beeing an endevor or other capital ship, I see a mojor difference to the cutlass since it cannot revive friendly players.

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Will there be more variants of the Apollo, for example police/military/fighter/transporter?

There are no plans for further RSI Apollo variants outside of the Medivac and Triage. We want this ship to stay focused on its current role.


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A police or Transport Apollo would be awesome! Like a ... snub? ... Connie. In and out.

All things considered... I feel disenchanted with this sale. For years, they've been giving a hangar model and poster with the ship you buy.... and LTI no matter what.. now... it's cash only for LTI.. and they don't even bother to give you any extras for it.. no hangar flair.. no exclusive skins.. nothing. Like a big fat f you to the backers with cash. This is why I have not bought this ship as a standalone.. only a few CCUs that I already melted for later.

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Attention development subscribers: the August 2018 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. You’ll learn about the development of the RSI Apollo, meet the team working on the all-new racing mechanic, learn about the Tumbril Cyclone and more!

Interested in becoming a development subscriber? You can learn more here.

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For some reason this CCU is currently available........ 



Here you can obtain an upgrade for one of your previously-purchased ships.

Acquiring and then applying this upgrade will transform your ship into a different flyable ship, while retaining all limited items, access passes and insurance levels contained in your original pledge.




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FYI!  The mini game works as of today.  I read about the opportunity earlier this week. Today I scored 106K on the mini game then upgraded my Triage to the Medivac.  The RED is one of my fav ships so I'm happy till this baby is released.

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