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RSI Apollo = Triage + Medivac (variant)


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July 19th, 2018

I guess you don’t get it. We’re up against an enemy we can’t hope to understand. They don’t think like us! All I know is that there are still innocent people in that goddamn mess, and you’re the best shot they’ve got.
But Captain, our orders –
Damn your orders, Revere!
But Captain –
Get them the hell out of there!

We all remember this classic scene from Astromedics: Back from the Brink and the excitement we felt when Rick Revere and Chloe Hansen heeded Captain Lido's harrowing decree and returned to the city of East Iradia. In the midst of a Vanduul raid, they set their Apollo, the Kithara, on a course to possible redemption, and probable doom.

Even those of us too young to experience the phenomenon of the original release in 2910 have felt its legacy on Spectrum, and probably played a bootleg version of the now-infamous vintage video game loosely based on it. The entire Astromedics series has become a modern classic of sorts, with Back from the Brink as its apex.

So it’s in the joy of nostalgia that the Chairman's Club partners with Roberts Space Industries to offer you VIP Early Bird Access to the new 2948 model Apollo. RSI is paying homage to the Astromedics series with a paint job emulating the iconic Kithara and a re-release of the Back from the Brink licensed game.

On Behalf of the Board of Trustees, 
Information Director
Chairman's Club Headquarters
Central Core Bank
Earth, Sol Sytem


VIP Early Bird Access - RSI Apollo

The legendary Apollo chassis from Roberts Space Industries is the gold standard in medivac and rapid emergency response, having provided critical aid to the known universe for well over two centuries.

When one thinks of first-class medical rescue, one thinks of the RSI Apollo.


Classic Review - Astromedics: Back from the Brink

From the Imperial Access Ultimate VidGuide (2948)

The pulpy exploits of the Astromedics team continue in this, the third installment of the popular adventure franchise. Fondly remembered for a dramatic shift in style and tone, writers Dan Bushman and Larry Fondyke, along with director Scott Deveraugh, took the series in a decidedly over-the-top and violent direction, playing into the contemporary paranoia surrounding the mysterious Vanduul. The results are explosive, with leads Debra McKensie and Chad Borelle firing on all cylinders throughout, and Ronald Camino turning in a scene-stealing performance as Captain Vance Lido.

The plot is standard adventure fair, elevated by allusions to the tragic Fall of Caliban and its use of the Vanduul as a compelling yet terrifying villainous presence. The Astromedics team, led by Rick Revere and Chloe Hansen aboard the flagship Kithara, traverse tense set pieces while delivering aid to the fictional city of East Iradia on an unnamed planet besieged by Vanduul raiders.

The vid stands up well even today and, though the effects look clunky by modern standards, it serves as a great entry point for those unfamiliar with the series (the two preceding titles are frankly, fairly dull). Revered to this day as a cult classic, Back from the Brink is B-grade action-adventure at its absolute finest.




$225.00 USD
RSI APOLLO TRIAGE- Standalone Ship
$250.00 USD


Astromedics master badge


Score at least 100,000 points in the game to unlock this trophy, giving you access to a special variant and automatically entering you for a chance to win an Apollo ship pack.

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FYI - modified images in OP :)  + LINK to Concierge sales page

I have a Cutlass Red and an Endeavor (with all the modules) - but this is a serious potential upgrade - but not 100% sure if it is worth it to go from a Cutlass Red to the Apollo when it is half the price of the Apollo.   Below are some potential game changers (and reasons to upgrade)

  • Our unit will likely operate in Vanduul Space (or near it) so the Armor maybe key as well as better weaponry
  • Its obvious that the Apollo will have superior medical beds (but we don't know for sure)
  • It's likely to fit in the Endeavor Landing bay but not 100% sure yet (probably an answer in the Q/A)
  • I like RSI a lot better than Drake....... but the Cutlass Red will likely have a lower operating cost = thus better for distant SAR and going after a single SOS.... where the Apollo will likely be better in a fleet battle or catastrophic event.
  • I think the game changer is the Medical Drones per image below 


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I am sure the base (RED) Apollo will have superior armor to the Cutlass Red (given Drake's use of cheaper materials and components  - but the Cutlass will also be cheaper to maintain).  

It appears the (WHITE) Apollo variant is a different hull per below .... quote from a player on spectrum (and it does say this in the concept sale) =

The description says superior armor and dual missile racks on the variant. No projected specs on either though

I am guessing that the Scanners are better on the Apollo vs the Cutlass Red (looks like they open up like on the Top Scanner Turret of the Aquila)



Good INFO in spoiler copied about the ENDEAVOR HOPE CLASS


Medical Bay

The Medical Module outfits an Endeavor with all of the equipment necessary to heal any injury or cure any illness that one might encounter while traveling from world to world. That alone guarantees that an enterprising player maintaining a presence in a popular area of space ignored by other Endeavors will see a brisk demand for their services. Medical Modules, however, fulfill an even more fundamental role within the service ecosystem – they act as remote spawn points for both players and some smaller ships.

When a player dies, they have the option of respawning at any landing zone equipped with a hospital for a minimal charge. Alternatively, one may inspect the prices being offered by all nearby Endeavors equipped with a Medical Module that have activated their ID Beacons to determine whether a remote spawn into that ship – a concept that will often allow you to get back into the action a lot faster – is warranted. After a player has respawned into the hospital section of an Endeavor, they are granted access to a waiting room where they’re able to order any of several smaller ships that will fit within the Medical Module’s Hangar Bay. The Endeavor’s owner has to pay a premium for the rapid and remote delivery of such ships, and in turn is able to dictate the amount of profit that they require. Upon arrival of the ship, the respawned player – and any of their party members that are also residing within the waiting room – may enter the Hangar Bay, board the new ship, and continue on their way.

Most organizations will want at least one Endeavor in their armada, and will want to keep it nearby – but at a safe distance – when combat looms.[8]

The Medical Bay Pod is a large set of attached rooms which operate effectively as a standing hospital, complete with operating theaters, recovery rooms and more. The Endeavor’s medical bay is intended to operate alongside the optional Landing Bay, ferrying patients from battlefields and disasters for treatment and recovery.

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
Respawn & Heal 2x2 One per ship (due to size) 75

Landing Bay

The Landing Bay Pod slings a single, large hangar underneath the spacecraft and attaches it directly to other laboratory pods. Intended to support hospital operations, the landing bay has room to support multiple Cutlass Red ambulances and features complete decontamination facilities. Note that while the landing bay was designed to support ambulance operations, it also functions alongside standard science modules and can support the upkeep any sufficiently small spacecraft. The Landing Bay offers a fairly spacious 30m x 60m x 10m volume of space to work with. Allowed to safely store/transport/launch/refit up to 4 ships that fit inside this space. A Cutlass Red and a pair of 300’s, a couple of Hornets or Avengers, you should absolutely have some good choices to make in terms of what you carry along.[4] It would be possible to install optional Cargo-locking plates to the Landing Bay and use some of the space for hauling. Overall, you’d be able to add roughly 4500 additional SCU of cargo to the ship if you used half of the available space in the Landing Bay (with the remaining space being used to enable a Cutlass to land/take-off with that cargo.) [3] The pilot may depressurize the bay at any time, which will blow any ships or players contained within it back out into space. This would typically only be done to clear out another player actively trying to cause problems by refusing to leave.[5]

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
Ship Storage & Spawn 2x1 One per ship 75


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If I made my mesurment right we have a ship wich is approximately 15x (aproximated error of 10% in mesurments)the size of the turret. if we say that a turret (guns included) have a lenght of 3m we have a lenght of 45m ( no data about height and width wich would be usable) so it could be possible to land it on an Idris (if it's height and width dont exceed those of a gladius) wich is unlikley.


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triage seems to me to be better that a simply medivac... Anyway. Firefox hates the game, doesn't want to allow any keys to work heh. A crap and annoying game even if free. Got my badge anyway and I agree on the colour scheme. 2 extra missiles points and "better" armor for USD $25, seriously though it's a medic it's not suppose to have great offensive weapons anyway. I'm liking the under belly tractor beam and the possible top where I thought was a turret.

I am curious though about the Endeavor hope landing bay. It includes them in the package, but they include Cutlasses Red/blue as well. So they don't really say whether or not the Apollo will be able to land. 


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wel did check the big pack CRISIS PACK

cost 1695 at a value of 1715 ?  but thats with counting 50 dollar for the hangar, not rly a sweet deal unless i missed somethingh


edit: that is non warbond prices

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1 hour ago, pyro nl said:

wel did check the big pack CRISIS PACK

cost 1695 at a value of 1715 ?  but thats with counting 50 dollar for the hangar, not rly a sweet deal unless i missed somethingh


edit: that is non warbond prices

Warbond 1550 standalone cost 1630 (bare USD)

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1 hour ago, Danakar Endeel said:

Rather odd for the Medivac variant to have missile launchers. Instead of offensive weaponry I would have thought that an extra shield generator or point defense gun would have been a better fit for a medical ship.

You are forgetting that the UEE is encouraging the outfitting of ships to match the needs against the Vanduul incursions.  A decent offense like with these missiles and the turret is actually a defensive posture as well and it is not designed as a tank like the Terrapin is which would affect it's performance in terms of getting in and out for SAR missions.  Stronger Shields would impact its electromagnetic signature making it easier to spot at a distance whereas missiles and turrets do not.  The turret looks more like a point defense system turret that is unmanned.

From Spectrum...

Why does the Apollo has weapons ?

RB Seaton - Boss Uvvy Roghd@grafton
Today at 6:14 am
Because it operates on the front lines of the war against the Vanduul, who don't recognize anything like a Geneva convention, so even medical ships must be able to protect themselves.
“(17:01) Nostromo1977 asks: Hi Writers, with the introduction of medical ships(Hope-class Hospital and Cutlass Red), has CIG ever considered creating lore for the principle of noninterference with medical services in times of war, similar to the Medical Neutrality Protection Act of the Geneva Conventions?
We’ve gotten plenty of questions about this kind of element to the game, and there being kind of medical rescue and stuff like that, and it is really interesting. And, from a lore perspective, it makes sense that there would be some kind of treaty that the UEE would have implemented or codified this idea, because it does seem to be an important one. That said, much like in the real world, just because we maybe create this in lore, doesn’t mean that it’s going to function in game. There are plenty of other examples, even unfortunately recently of the geneva convention being, this act of the geneva convention not working out very well with various civil wars around the world, so I don’t think the Vanduul would necessarily agree with that. I don’t think that a lot of lawless systems would also probably not care. There’s probably other players and even other pirates that would, in UEE territory, target that for their own means. So, though it’s an interesting idea, I wouldn’t be surprised if something shows up. I don’t think it would ever be a game rule, or a game mechanic. It may just be more of a moral compass that will be there. So if we create this in the lore, you can help define your character better by having them in that situation and then making the choice of whether, do they help, do they protect, do they just let it go, do they attack? So again, I think it’s an important aspect of the game, but i don’t think it’ll ever be quite a game rule where, if you do attack it automatically means something bad’s going to happen.
CH – Again, we don’t want to infringe on the way you want to develop your character. This game is all about how you build the Universe.”


Looking forward to the reverse the verse today but here are some other videos



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Apollo is god of healing - Posted by u/FriendCalledFive

Was wondering about the name Apollo for the new medical ship, given the NASA connection, and found on Wikipedia that Apollo is god of healing, so that makes sense.


++++ Here are some good reference links - 

Please look into Death Of A Space Man and Healing Your Spacemen, also Star Citizen: Medical Treatment | Life & Death Mechanics Rwall's Video on Medical Mechanics.

&&& Some other good quotes from players - Comparing Cutlass Red to Apollo



Red is an S&R ships with some medical facilities. Apollo is a medical ship



Since DRAKE is a manufacturer that sacrifices ALL luxury and comfort for the sake of simplicity and affordability, I imagine quality has a lot to do with the price




Between that and the drone pickup, that would really increase the value of this over something like the Cutlass Red, which I assume would not have that capability since it's been described as an ambulance.

So until we learn more, here's how I'd like to think of it:

Cutlass Red: Ambulance

Apollo: M.A.S.H. unit

Endeavor Hope: Fully kitted out hospital capable of receiving ambulances and handling many patients at once, but really needs to be kept someplace safe (meaning longer time to get back to action if you spawn there)



Below is the image you get if you unlocked the Medivac as part of getting 100k in the mini-game (everyone should play since you then have a chance to win - but I think it is only currently available to concierge ATM)


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Well the first concept look internally is bigger that a cutlass by a bit, but shorter than a connie in length. Still waiting to hear conformation on it can land on the landing bay in the Endeavor.

Ahh, interesting, the 2x medibay are modular in other words the level of care they can do IE  general medical care to full on surgery.

Teir 1 -3.

Higher quality, less beds, IE T-3  ( 3 beds) T-1 (1 bed)

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4 hours ago, Danakar Endeel said:

Rather odd for the Medivac variant to have missile launchers. Instead of offensive weaponry I would have thought that an extra shield generator or point defense gun would have been a better fit for a medical ship.

The RSI Apollo Medivac variant model was inspired by a future sci-fi action movie, wherein the hero ship apparently was armed with missiles -- because, why wouldn't it? ;)

The RSI Apollo Triage is the base model and it only seems to have a dorsal remote gun turret.

It makes sense that the Apollo has some weapons, but it's obviously not a combat ship. I'm surprised that the Apollo doesn't have an auto-turret like the Connie Phoenix, which would provide superior protection than the single remote turret. The turret is also oddly placed midships on the Apollo's dorsal side. Considering the placement of the scanner dome behind it and the raised hull sections in front, I can't imagine that remote turret will have good firing arcs -- unless it elevates. It seems to only be intended to fire forward and up. It's baffling why CIG would place the turret in the middle instead of the front, like the Connie. Also, when firing forward, the turret's lasers would flash past the skylight. That would probably be distracting to medics and disconcerting to patients -- very poor, nonsensical design.

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