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CLOSED - WTS Land Claims and rare LTI ships


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 I'm getting rid of some old ships I've been saving at the following prices listed below. If you have any questions please PM me.

  • I pay fees
  • Verified Paypal transactions only
  • You can request Middleman if you pay for it

Thank you!



890Jump - $1000


UEE Land Claim License ESTATE PARCEL (4 available - Can request more) - $500


RSI Polaris Warbond - $800


Esperia Vanduul Blade - $270



Esperia Vanduul Glaive - $580


Endeavor + Modules


  •  Endeavor - $450
  • Medical - $170
  • Service - $80
  •  Supercollider - $170
  •  Hanger - $120


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