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Want to Trade WTT for caterpillar pirate edition (or ccu)

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    • By CaptainSomar
      HammerHead Serial Stamp LTI: $650
      Caterpillar to Orion CCU: $70

    • By Vladdican
    • By Siegfried
      Hey there!

      I would be interested in trading the Weekend Warrior package I purchased back in october for something else of higher value.

      I am open to any suggestions, though I am looking for something in the constellation aquila + category (as I am more of an explorer than a fighter at heart.)

      Anyone that has any offers/questions just contact me via pm (or in a reply to this topic) here!

      I am also willing to accept a cash offer in case you were wondering.



      P.S. heres the link to what the package contains: http://gyazo.com/a0f24d72a222a8733b9b018b5a1479ec

      P.P.S heres the link to the F7A Military Hornet Upgrade: http://gyazo.com/b5ddb081cc6df645661addace952e89d
    • By SR Nyx
      Im looking to trade my very underused Archeage Archeum Founders account for pretty much anything Star Citizen. The account hasnt been played in literally months so all Founders goodies are untouched. Also on the account is a Rift account with an almost max level rogue.
      Ideally I'd love to see the account go to a good home and receive a ship in return. I peg the value of the account around $85 USD so an equivalent ship trade would be great and I'd be on board with tossing in a few dollars of my own to even out a trade for a pricier ship if that's the route someone wants to go.
      Post or gimme a message if there's any other questions I can answer. Thanks for readin!
    • By Lord-Nikon
      As the title implies, This will be a pure trade between the two. No middleman at this time. PM me here or on RSI (Lord Nikon, Handle: ZeroCool).

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