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Hi Everyone,

my name is Ninok ^_^
currently i'm having fun exploring the verse in my brand new 600i (Origin fanboy) and looking for a great community to grow with :)
outside of SC i'm 22, living in EU

that's pretty much it for now, i'm looking forward to fly with you o7

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    • By shortround1897
      Hi there!
      I'm relatively new to Star Citizen, though I've been following it for a while. I'm currently flying around in a Aurora LN, but its lonely out there and I'd love some friends to fly around and learn the game with. 
      Outside of the game, I'm a new dad, I love scuba diving, running, and of course video games. Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to meeting you soon!
    • By Darkstar4
      Hello everyone, just submitted an app and wanted to come on here to say hi, I'm a Prior Service (Army) gamer who signed up to SC a few years ago but only have been gettin hot and heavy with it since 3.0, I saw Imperium is already hard at work establishing an organizational structure and chain of command and I like what I see, look forward to meeting and flying with you all.
    • By Kopeika
      Hey guys, just applied for Imperium. Hope ill get accepted, this seems like a very good community to learn about SC with.
      I pledged back in 2014 and after thinking long and hard about what I would like to do in the game I got myself Avenger Stalker with the thought that I would really like to bounty hunt.
      My Daughter was born in April 2015 and I had to leave the gaming community all together for about 9 months because learning to take care for the first child is preeeeeety hard.
      Well now I'm coming back to SC  and I'm really excited about the additions they have made. Now I really want to get Sabre or Vanguard Warden when they go up for sale again (because I missed concept sales.... grrrr) .
      Well anyway, hope Ill get to be a part of this community and expand my knowledge of this game. thnx
    • By DwayneHicks
      Hello everyone!  Glad to be part of (assuming I pass the test) the Imperium.  Not sure what to look for in regards to membership test.  Currently have an Aurora, thinking about getting a fighter but not sure which.  Also going to be building my own PC soon so I can actually play Star Citizen.  I am interested in the diplomacy branch,  so any info in that regards would be helpful.  I did read that you have to have been a member for at least 3 months before applying so I was wondering if it was possible to intern that position to see how I like it.    I look forward to working with you all!