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Want to Trade [H] 15$ iTunes Gift Card [W] 15$ Steam Gift Card / Wallet

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    • By viperalpha
      Title says it all.  Be happy to buy any extra modules if you have any
    • By scheherazade
      I would like to get a caterpillar pirate edition.
      I am willing to trade with some combination of :
      caterpillar (regular) LTI
      retaliator bomber LTI
      khartu al LTI
      vanguard LTI
      350R LTI
      Let me know.
    • By Kryzenshteiner
      i missed out on the Pioneer sale , hopefully someone got a spare one they could part with,  i would like to trade some of my ships or store credit for it 
      ships i can offer are :
      Orion, Carrack, Reclaimer, Khartu-al, Blade, Defender, Eclipse and  some ugraded from different hull, ships  like Origin 600i, prowler, hull b , m-50, 350-r