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Warhammer 40000 Inquisitor Matyr Cabal

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noun: cabal; plural noun: cabals
  1. a secret political clique or faction.
    "a cabal of dissidents"
    synonyms: clique, faction, coterie, group, set, band, party, camp, gang, ring, cell, sect, caucus, league, confederacy, junta; More
    pressure group;
    ginger group;
    "a cabal of dissidents"
    • archaic

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17 hours ago, DASKOMMTDAWEG said:

Is there already an Imperiums Cabal(Hehe) in formerly mentioned game?

If Yes....Designation

None has been registered with the forum and our HR folks. I honestly haven't seen ANY of our Steam guys in the IMP steam group playing this one.

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Just checked. We have 649 members in the Steam group. About 40 online. Only 6 are in games at the moment, and none are playing that game. It MIGHT have something to do with the terrible reviews and scores it has received.

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