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CIG at E3 - 2018

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From Markswhite


Only with the list info by pc gamer we know that cig will be on pc gaming show conference tonight after ubisoft conference

But nothing has been known from cig or any dev about that, so... What can we expect tonight?

Speculation from BigDave_76


Well. We all probably hope for some sort of news on SQ42. I really think anything else will just fall fairly flat at this point to outsiders, E3 goers, and backers.

But it could just be a tidbit about FOIP, VOIP, Amazon Lumberyard Twitch Integration, Optane SSD, and or a tech demonstration you'd see in an ATV.


If it is after the Ubisoft Conference (the PC Gaming Show) then you can follow this countdown timer - Currently 4 hours and 26 min from this post (or 3pm PST)


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Star Citizen: Impressive E3 trailer teasers Alpha 3.2


Cloud Imperium Games teasers Alpha 3.2 from Star Citizen.  (5)

12.06.2018 at 17:37Star Citizen was not a big topic at E3, but a new trailer was shown with fresh gameplay scenes from the upcoming space MMO. On display are majestic space stations, various planets and scenes in spaceships also from "on foot". In addition, the video teasers the upcoming Alpha 3.2 of the online game.

The space MMO Star Citizen is still a hot topic. Even if nothing new was actually shown at E3 , a new gameplay trailer was released.

This shows impressive scenes with ships that glide through space, past huge space stations. There are different worlds to see and also how to walk around on planets. Towards the end, the video takes a good ride and exciting space battles are shown. The scenes make you want to finally be able to experience Star Citizen as Chris Roberts imagines. However, this will take a long time to come.

Because at the end of the gameplay trailer to Star Citizen the upcoming Alpha 3.2 is teased. However, without date. Now we have already mid-2018 and come to Alpha 3.2 . This means that we can probably only expect the beta in 2019. But as the saying goes? Good things come to those who wait.

Advertisement: Star Citizen: Discover ships and other items on Ebay now

Picture gallery (enlarge view for references)

Image 1 of 5

Cloud Imperium Games teasers Alpha 3.2 from Star Citizen. (1) [Source: robertsspaceindustries.com ]

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I thought this trailer was pretty weak. I actually had to watch it again to remember what even happened in it. Were I layman, I'd have been left with the impression of "meh, looks like a generic space shooter game".

I'd have preferred it to be something along the lines of Citizens. A monologue or reading of something deep and meaningful set against beautiful shots of land and space that will be in 3.2.

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This is a good catch.... pay attention and click on links...

Posted by 21 minutes ago

E3 Trailer Details


Just rewatched the E3 trailer quite a few times and noticed some things I totally missed the first time watching.

Subtle content from 3.2 and beyond shown:

Red clouds in space around a red-ish planet? Ship flying through is leaving red trails.

600i flying low to the ground

Sabre hiding / spying

Search and rescue

Yellow trail left by ship at distance

Funky clouds behind Port Olisar (More cloud tech preview?)

Working suits in the reclaimer by the airlocks

Reclaimers arriving and leaving from salvage facility?

Buccaneer special boost system

New collision explosions?

Hurricane turret action

Capture and weapon strike use

Gladius on the left performs a roll next to capital ships

Visually it looks like a different game again somehow, more similar to the colours we saw for the Arccorp preview. Could be colour processing but something seems very different visually with these future preview versions. Especially noticeable at Olisar in the background.

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    • By Rocket Man
      Is there any information on when these are going to be this year?  Of course, I am assuming they are having a livestream for each as they have in the past.  I have vacation days to schedule before the end of the year and was looking to taking the days off aligned with these just to enjoy them live instead of on YouTube after.
    • By GRIZZ
      I had hopes of the release for the Squadron 42 Roadmap with details, instead we were told it should release by the end of December.
      Twerk17 had stated it would likely be a discussion on the minimum viable product, and he ended up being correct.
      The presentation opens with Chris saying "What is release" which gave me chills deeper than the overpowered AC in the theater.
      By the timestamp of 8:30 he is done talking about the past and moving onto current things being implemented, Bind Culling, OCS, etc.
      Going forward his bullet points include:
      Ship Purchasing / Rental Org's System Full Persistence Server Meshing Release These are the milestones he feels are needed before the "Last Wipe".  As TheNoobifier says, its a "Soft Release". 
      It does not matter what jobs are implemented, what ships are flyable, for all we know this could be the best version of mining we see until they revisit it after release.  I do think server meshing is going to take forever to get right so we could be on the 3rd revision of all jobs, and have 30 systems, who knows.
      It was nice to clarify release was when wiping ends after server meshing, but I was hoping a few more features and locations would be promised as nessisiary before the wiping ends.
    • By Shtefs
      My wife is a huge StarCitizen fan, a backer from way back in the day.
      We recently moved to Austin, and were quite busy with said move.
      I got on today hoping to buy her a ticket, only to see that the con is sold out.
      Is there any other way to get a ticket or access to the event? Could she work the event, or help out a member of the press?
      Anything would help, she was really devastated not being able to go...
      Thank you.
    • By Fintz
      Hello all as we have E3 under progress will post the game that caught my attention and some feedback in general for the years event. Please share your opinion ,enthusiasms or disappointment with the rest of us.

      One of the most lackluster events till now ( post-bethesda) , personally i don't care for NFL.NBA and Fifa. We were aware already for the Battlefront 1 expansion and as for Need for speed was more like a Fast and the Furious the game. A way out was an nice coop game but didn't caught my attention. They did make Battlefront 2 their main selling point, but until they really release the full info for the game is not something i intend to buy. Anthem teaser was kind of off putting but made me want to watch the Microsoft presentation more
      I will not comment on Xbox One X as i don't care much for consoles. I will skip most games and go directly for the ones i did care about, Sea of thieves (also a windows insider on that) it is shaping up nice but i do want to see more on that. Metro Exodus looked good but want to see more also, the trailer had some nice elements and reminded a bit of a new fallout game. State of Decay 2 is what i was really waiting from Microsoft, thought it did look like a remake of the first one a lot, regarding the locations and assets they have shown us. And last but not least Anthem, i won't lie , i am curious to see what Bioware (or what is left of it) can accomplish. I didn't have the glaring problems ME: Andromeda had when it was first shown and i am afraid that MEA was the test platform for Frostbite and Anthem. Also i want to see another Destiny like game except Destiny 2 and The Division.
      I will be blunt, nothing to see here except Wolfstein The new colossus
      PC Gaming Show
      Xcom 2 expansion at last, Battletech, Mount and Blade 2, Griftlands and the TW:Warhammer 2 release date i can't ask for anything more... maybe some more Mount and blade 2
      Didn't care much of the AoE remaster, but i love the work of Klei and Griftlands looks good.
      I have to say that i liked the 2 switch titles and at last some BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL nuff said!!!!!
      Mario + raving rabbits , i mean look at that princes Peach rabbit breathtaking and as i am looking forward for more titles on the switch this one looks good.
      I can't say that there was any game that surprised me or caught my attention.
      Great a pokemon rpg game for the Switch ,maybe next year will end up buying it to accompany my 3ds.
      If you haven't watched the Devolver digital presentation you totally should it was mental (NSFW).
    • By Chimaera
      This is awesome, great how this company calls out all companies at E3 for their bullshit.