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Drake Vulture


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Hello there,

I'm not a SC player (yet), but a LEGO MOCer. I've designed a LEGO Ideas last month, as I see someone already posted above.

I've only got 6 days left for this project not to look too stupid not even reaching 100 votes (while the Hornet project had reached 10k), so if anyone wanna vote.. it's only missing 6 votes to get extended. Of course it has no chance to ever reach 10k, but it'd still look less dumb.





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Notable Changes for December 20th, 2019

Salvage v1
The Salvage card has been temporarily removed from the Roadmap while discussions continue about where it’s most likely to land. Mining improvements and other tasks related to Alpha 3.8 took priority over recent Salvage work. Additionally, we’ve made the decision to have the team scheduled to work on Salvage shift focus to a number of features that will greatly benefit Squadron 42. We aim to have more information in the new year.

Drake Vulture
The Vulture has been temporarily removed from the roadmap while the above mentioned Salvage v1 discussions continue. We aim to have more information in the new year.

Crusader Hercules Starlifter
After re-evaluating priorities, the decision was made to temporarily remove this card off of the Roadmap until discussions about its debut wrap up and a new target date is decided upon.

Keep in mind that this will be the last Roadmap publish and Roadmap Roundup of 2019. We hope you have a wonderful break and happy holidays with your loved ones!

That’s all for this week’s Roundup – join the discussion on Spectrum

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      Selling the Combo Caterpillar and Dragonfly pack with LTI for $345 each.
      I have 10 of them.
      Price is : $345 each inclusive of Paypal fees.
      Melt Value is: $300
      Store price is: they do not sell this package anymore so individually $330 + $80 for the 2 dragonflies
      Pack includes:  (Image Attached)
      Lifetime Insurance VFG Industrial Hangar Takuetsu Dragonfly Model Drake Dragonfly Poster  
      *This pack adds ships to an existing Star Citizen account, it does not include a game package and can not be used to play the Star Citizen Alpha on its own.
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      I have Drake Caterpillar Pirate like this. For sale at $305.

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      - VFG Industrial Hangar

      Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service:
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      We don't know for sure but its likely (and there is good speculation on Spectrum) that we will see the Drake Kraken as the concept Sale During Citizencon (I'll update OP then)
      The Drake Kraken is a capital ship that has space onboard to park and store a few medium ships (up to Freelancer-sized) and transport them around the verse. It serves as a mobile truck stop in function with a small hub of stores (some less than legit) to help restock.[1]
      Ɛ˙Ɛ ໒㇏◕‾◕໒㇢@Liudeius Today at 7:19 am A "game-changing" Drake ship will be sold.
      The Kraken is the only major ship we know of for Drake. It could be something new, but everyone's running with the Kraken idea.
      The Kraken was first introduced in 2017-12-01 in the vote "YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship". It came second in the vote to be the next Drake ship by backers with 19% of 37696 voters.[1]
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