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     Hello everyone, 

My name is Blout, And I am new the "verse" I don't know allot about it just yet. I am interested in learning however. I have a couple of ships and would love to meet someone that can show me how to become and ACE pilot, and make the credits I need to expand my fleet. I do have a discord but have not been able to find the discord information. So if you know what it is please send it to me. I appreciate the time you took to read this and look forward to flying with you.  


Recruit Blout

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    • By steeldelete
      Hi I'm steeldelte    and I'm afraid of flying
      I fly mostly WWII sims, since two weeks I try out the vers. It is huuge! Can't wait to set up my Joystick and Throttle. I have an Avenger Stalker (still need to get rid of 3 prison cells though) Nice being here with the best of the best. 😀
    • By Justicar
      Hey! I have been waiting for this game to come out for years now. Lost track of how long. Very much excited about 3.3 I have been planning to get serious when ships become buy-able for a long time. I have a long track record of leadership in video games stretching back over a decade. Starting with a WoW guild back in the day, moving up through the years into Planetside 2 as an outfit leader, H1Z1 survival as a leader, ark survival evolved as a tribe lead and finally to what I'm doing now, team captain of a Heroes of the Storm team; proudly making headway in the pro scene. I'm here at Imperium to prove myself as a leader and competitive hardcore player. I want to rank up and have my own command. My hangar includes currently a mustang alpha, avenger titan, anvil hornet, an aurora and a constellation andromeda. I have a beast rig that I want to use to become a regular streamer. Outside of all that I'll be joining the USAF soon, assuming some minor obstacles are addressed properly. Looking to work in engineering. In Star Citizen I aim to kick it off as a trader, expanding into every aspect of the game though. My goal is to be a strike group leader. I want to help head our fleets! It would be my dream to bring my experience down to bear as one of our esteemed commanders in time. I know I'm new here, but I plan to stay, and make my mark on this organization. LETS BE THE BEST! LETS PUT TEST TO SHAME! 
    • By WizoldSage
      Looking forward to joining the fine members at this Organization! personally would love to eventually be a miner or intelligence agent gathering information on other organizations for our benefit, I'm also an artist, role player, musician and illustrator!

    • By Valcyn
      Hello All, been a backer since summer 2013, had joined Valinor Aerospace, but it has since become defunct/abandoned. Looking to join a larger corp and hopefully fill a logistics role.
      Wanting to play Hospital/Medical, possibly repair or salvage work as well, not much interest in combat although I would participate in infantry combat.
      Currently I have a Prospector and Cutlass Black (melted my Aquila to test some others out) but fully intend to go back to Aquila soon, and if the anniversary sale has Endeavor for it's $350 price tag I plan to upgrade to it, will upgrade to Endeavor Hope if the package is available. Will work towards getting Apollo in universe and just have LTI on my Endeavor Hope. Also, sidenote I am a nurse in Real life planning/hoping to end up in school for NP/MD hopefully, so I want to do some medical stuff in my second life as well

      Wanting to help on some Reclaimers if anyone needs crew, especially as we get some salvage gameplay added.
    • By Bench70
      Hello to everyone, 
      I just find this forum and let me say it' s a beatiful place with beatiful people. I had a problem with CIG and i had many good help word from the forum.
      I am a gamer from commodore 64 time and now i play as everything as i can. I am not english speaker so i do what i can i hope you could understand.
       I  am backer from 2013 and actually Space marshall concierge level.  
      Unfortunately I bought many ship from ebay and i was scammed. So in theory I would be well beyond the space marshal level  but what you receive as gift don t count.
      Now cannot access my account and i dont know what will happen in the future.
      Thanks for attention.