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Hey all,

Would anyone recommend a 32GB RAM while playing the game? I currently have a 16GB memory and everytime I play Star Citizen, it always takes the remainder of what's left available.

By default, my system takes about 5.5GB on my RAM space. Would you guys recommend it?

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Personally I am running 32, but that is work related. If you would feel better to have more ram sure go for it. But I wouldn't expect to see much difference on SC or any other game. 

Now it depends if you are running DDR3 or 4, if it is 3 and you intend to keep the mobo/cpu for longer sure buy the extra ram now that is cheaper as the 4 is bloody expensive.

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Depends on multiple factors, how many slots the mobo has , CPU+Chipset and the OS if it is 32/64-bit. Win10 Home support up to 128GB while EDU/PRO/Enterprise 2TB for x64, while x86 (32-bit) supports up to only 4GB on all.

Windows 7 is the same on x86 but on x64 Basic is 8GB , Home Premium 16Gb and PRO 192GB.

Windows 8 128GB , PRO/Enterprise 512GB for X64

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I have 32GB, because back in the day when I built this PC (specs on my Twitch page), that way I could fit the entire Planetside 2 game in a RAM disk, in addition to having plenty left over for the game itself.

I don't know if I should be impressed or depressed that Star Citizen uses this much space, let alone how much it takes up on the hard drive.

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