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One thing, it is a cargo carrier. Why the hell are its engines so small(on the outside), they look even smaller on the back.

However the layout looks pretty good internally. Just a nice "escape hatch" would be nice. opening doors with no power can't be easy.

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New image of the component bay on the Starlifter Taken from this week's newsletter

I'm also more interested in space combat, which is why I backed Star Citizen, but I'm glad that SC will have ground combat. In the early days, I thought SC would have basic FPS combat and small planet

New image of the upper deck of the Hercules Starlifter Taken from this week's newsletter

Posted Images

4 hours ago, Citadel_1664 said:

I have to say I weren't a huge fan of the "Hercules" series going from the concept art - However seeing the in-game renders I'm starting to like it more and more definitely looking forward to being able to test fly it in-game!

Yeah, I just hope that the team didn't follow the Stats Page when setting up components because for some reason the Hercules was listed with Medium Fuel tanks and Medium Quantum fuel tanks. That just makes no sense for a ship this size to have such small fuel tanks; especially a ship meant to transport cargo over long distances and down to the planet surface. It definitely needs Large fuel tanks; just like every other ship in that size category. :P

I also hope that the Hercules will have escape pods for the crew and that the lack of escape pods on the Mercury was an oversight and not some wierd intentional 'feature' from the manufacturer. After all, Crusader did not strike me as a company to skimp on safety features like Drake. 

So I hope that the lack of escape pods on the Mercury was an oversight that will be rectified at some point. CIG already admitted that the lack of a second exit was an oversight that should not have happened and that they might use that large dead-space on the starboard side for one. :)

So those of you who own a Starlifter or are planning on owning one, don't forget to check what size components it has and how much fuel it carries onboard once it is flyable ingame. Also check to see if you can get yourself to safety via escape pods or not. ;)

Here's an older image I pulled from an AtV episode where the plan showed escape pods on the Hercules to be in that tunnel directly behind the bridge. I was expecting the Mercury to have escape pods in that spot as well because it's from the same manufacturer, has a similar number of crew, and the same long tunnel behind its cockpit. 😕


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2 hours ago, GalYurr said:

It seems the M2 might have some extra features up its sleeve we don't know about yet, but we'll see. 


Interesting, but will it be worth the ridiculous amount of money to upgrade to the M2?

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1 hour ago, Buckaroo said:

Interesting, but will it be worth the ridiculous amount of money to upgrade to the M2?

That's a very good question, although I often wonder what then makes the next price jump from M2 to A2 so significant as well so I'm interested in seeing the different between all variants!

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7 hours ago, GalYurr said:

It seems the M2 might have some extra features up its sleeve we don't know about yet, but we'll see. 


Hmmm, that is very interesting! Thank you for sharing. :)

I always found it very peculiar why the price difference between the C2 and M2 was so ridiculously high. Originally people had to pay +$140 just for 1 extra 2xS3 turret and medium armor but at the cost of 25% cargo capacity (you wouldn't have access to the separate cargo hold that's on the C2). Compare that to the Starfarer and Gemini where the Gemini was only +$40 but received larger guns on all manned turrets, more powerful thrusters (the Gemini is faster than the Starfarer), extra armor, and a missile launcher with 9 S3 missiles; also at the cost of 25% cargo capacity. When asked about the armor CIG also stated that the armor difference of the C2 and M2 was basically the same as the difference between the Starfarer and Gemini. 

So I definitely hope that M2 owners get some meaningful upgrades over the C2 as $140 was a pretty hefty price to pay for the minimal extras it originally came with.

I have CCUs available for both a C2 and M2; both which use a Merchantman as a base. An old $10 Merchantman-to-C2 CCU that I can still apply and a newer $30 Merchantman-to-M2 that I bought after the Merchantman price was increased to $450. So I guess I'll have to keep my eye on that M2 now and see if it actually gets more than just an extra turret and some armor. ;) 

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From the looks of it, the guns on the turret have been increased to S4 instead of S3; which is nice as S3s on a ship this size felt a bit small. Stock turret guns are all Behring M6A Laser Cannons while pilot guns are S5 with gimbal S4 Revenants. No additional weapons/missiles (at least on the C2/M2). The A2 appears to have all S4 guns as well as those additional S5 single remote turret guns.
The Hercules appears to have 2 Large Coolers, 2 Large Shield Generators, 2 Large Fuel Tanks and 2 Large Quantum Fuel Tanks.
Components for the C2 are all IND-C grade while for the M2 & A2 they are all MIL-C grade; except for the shields which are MIL-B grade. :)

The following is datamined information from an early 3.12 Evocati build.

  • Coolers: 2x S3 ThermalCore on the C2, 2x S3 Mercury on the M2/A2

  • Power Plant: S3 Ginzel on the C2, S3 SuperDrive on the M2/A2

  • Quantum Drive: S3 Kama on the C2, S3 Pontes on the M2/A2

  • Shields: 2x S3 Stronghold on the C2, 2x S3 FullBlock on the M2/A2

Remote Turrets:

  • Either one or two remote turrets on the C2. One on the top-rear for sure. S4 dual BEHR laser cannons

  • M2 is identical to C2, possibly one more turret

  • Five remote turrets on A2. Nose is S4, rest are S5. Nose, and rear L/R turrets are BEHR laser cannons, front two L/R turrets are AMRS laser cannons


  • All models have 2 fuel scoops and 2 fuel tanks.

  • C2/M2 have both a front and rear ramp, Bomb bay doors on the A2. Currently unknown whether there will be a lift to the ground.

  • No docking collar on any model.

  • Self-destruct timer is 60 seconds long.

  • Ship dimensions match concept.

Raw data:https://pastebin.com/ucHgA6gQ

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Also, forgot to post it here but there was this little tidbit a while back :)


In the UK, the Crusader C2 Hercules was handed to the downstream teams and progress was made on the A2 and M2 variants. Specifically, the A2 received a control room for the turrets while the M2 gained a jump-seat room for the crew of the ground vehicles.

So that might be what MGibson meant. 

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