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Hey you!! Yea, YOU!!

Want to live it up in the better places of Midgard? 
Party with giants? Share a drink and remince glorious tales of riding space whales in our mead halls? 
Look no further! Aesir Industries has you covered... 

If you're lucky you might even get a glimps of the legendary unicorn who lives in Bifrost! 
Unicorns may or may not be real - if you have enough mead it doesn't make any difference

We're a highly active community with members around the world and plenty to do, you're never alone. 
Always up for doing something, you'll never be bored.

AESIND provides many services and offers several career paths :

- Development Division : Exploration/Science/Research
- Industry Division : Mining/Refining/Salvage/Manufacturing
- Commerce Division : Business/Finance
- Logistics Division : Transport/Refuel/Supply
- Security Division : Fleet Security, Mobile Infantry
- Intelligence Division : Info Management (storage.processing.transport), [Redacted], ...
- Support Division : Medical, SAR, Repair
1. English is our primary language but welcome anyone from around the world
2. We align ourselves with the laws of the UEE and do not allow piracy 
3. We are both new player and veteran friendly
4. We have cookies (maybe)

Feel free to direct any questions our way or come visit us on Discord - https://discord.gg/BjP8cEq
If you'd like to join us, simply send in your application here - http://www.guilded.gg/#!AXDRnXZpEp?ref=1ArgxkZ4

RSI:- https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/AESIND


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    • By Adoulin
      We are full, but we have a waiting list for when a space opens up. Send message to @Adoulin.
    • By Solocadet
      Elysius Transport Security Assets


      Discord: https://discord.gg/8WW49nA
      RSI Website: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ETSA

      What We Offer
      Professional Point of View
      Security Services
      Rescue Services
      Private Military Assets

      Elysius Transport Security Assets, Provide a numerous range of services including and not limited to; Rescue Operations, Cargo Transport, VIP Transport, Military Reconnaissance, and Anti-Piracy Tactics. All members have the upmost Respect and Dignity for each other and fellow citizens.

      F7C HORNET (Any Variant)
      F7A HORNET
      AVENGER (Any Variant)
      CUTLASS (Any Variant)
      [Note: Listed ships are recommended not necessary]


      Generic Rules
      #1: Real Life Comes First
      #2: Professional Mannor
      #3: Always Be Respectful

      Career Options
      Support [Engineer,Medical,Refuel,Supply]
      Business Security
      Rescue Services
      Taxi Services
      Cargo Transport [Liquid,Gas,Vehicles]
      Personal Security

      ETSA Follows All Laws of the UEE.
      Piracy is not Allowed


    • By Commander_Odin
      Black Wing Federation
      The Black Wing Federation recognizes the value in another’s honor.  It is for this value that we provide proxy services to those that would wish to retain their honor from activities they may deem unsavory.
      Our Objective
      Our goal is to provide a contracting service to other organizations and groups.  Providing total anonymity to all clients.  Whether you need to fill personnel gaps for whatever you wish to accomplish, or you need a task completed, but do not want your name or org attached, we are here to fill that gap. 
      Feasible Participation – What you put in, we return 110%.
      Respect for your kin and the contracts made. 
      Team player – We must work together to complete contracts.
      What The Black Wing Federation Provides
      Dedication - We’re aiming on bringing good people to this group. We treat you with respect and will have your back 100%, and we expect the same in return.
       Foresight - We are seizing a unique business model that can provide prosperity and comradery.
      Community - We are a new org, but as we grow, so will our family, where you can make new stories, share experiences, and ejoy your moments in, and out of the verse.
      If you have any questions, feel free to join us at https://discord.gg/ymWUrbq
      Apply at our Website at https://www.blackwingfederation.com
      And check out our Org page at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/BWFED
    • By TAW_Destructor
      ABOUT TAW 

      The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a gaming community with over 40 gaming titles and 1900+ members all sharing the same goal of COOPERATIVE TEAM and GAME PLAY. 


      TAW Star Citizen, is a community made up of different cultures displaying a variety of players gaming interests; and one addiction, STAR CITIZEN! TAW Star Citizens, and its leadership have been working to build an organizational platform with hopes of attracting new citizens, interested in building a simulated society. This simulated society will consist of citizens pursuing their own simulated career, and interest; breathing life into the TAW Star Citizen community.
      Being a part of our simulated society, you will have the choice of playing in our Organized Structured (MILITARY) community. Or breath a bit of fresh ozone in our Casual play (Civilian) community. 



      The Armed Forces of TAW’s mission is to secure our borders while projecting our military strength across the universe; and to protect the interest of free trade. 
      Our goals
      -To establish a core military immersed in role playing! Flight simulated or First Person Shooter (FPS)
      -Choose between the NAVY or MARINE CORPS
      -Participate in weekly group missions
      -Become a pilot or ships crew complete with training
      -multi-crew ships complete with Captain and crew (if you have crew you fly with bring them along!)
      -show your skills in clearing out a pirate base with a team of marines or help secure a hostage aboard a captured ship
      - Complete awards and ranking structure. Earn awards and rank through participation leading up to commanding your own ship or battle group 


      The mission of civilians will be to expand and grow our knowledge and resources in the Verse. The first intrepid pioneers will be the most important to TAW establishing businesses and exploring uncharted systems will help widen our boundaries stabilize the economy and be a beacon for immigrant citizens looking for a star system to call home.
      Our goal- is to create a vast civil system that will again immerse the citizen into the role play of being a dedicated citizen. the only limit would be our imagination.
      -Become a business owner of your choice. No role will be denied.
      - Help build our economy. Show support by contributing to our organization by any means you choose
      -Participate in weekly events or make and build your own way through the verse
      - become a pilot or ships crew complete with training. 


      I hope after reading this post you will come by and check us out. If by chance we aren’t the community for you at least I hope, we have made a friend.
      If you have any question or would like to join us for a chat please contact any one of the senior leaders below. Or if you happen to come across a TAW member during your journey in the universe pull them to the side and ask away! See you around the verse!


      Please visit www.taw.net and fill out an application for becoming part of TAW STAR CITIZEN
      We welcome members from all across the globe! if you would like to speak to someone one on one; Please send a message to anyone of our senior leaders below! 

      Dperk- Fleet Commander 

      Ediblecrab- President 

      Vacant- Fleet Admin and Logistics Officer

      Destructor- Head Recruiter

      Lowlevel- Staffing Officer



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