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Want to Sell Want To Sell LTI Banu Merchantman Cheap

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Decide to Sell one more of These.

(just to clarify since someone asked down below this ios the second one of these that I am selling the positive feedback I received is for the sale of the first this one is still available).


WTS: 1x Banu Merchant Man LTI: Melt Value $215: Price $200


Selling because I just have too many large ships and would rather put  the money towards other projects.


Selling it for less than it's melt value it's a really great deal, I am not really willing to go lower on price but I am  eating the paypal fees on my end.

Additionally I can upgrade it to a reclaimer or carrack for an extra $50.


Paypal Only

Preference will be given to buyers with a decent trade history

If you can find a cheaper BBM... buy it :-)



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