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Devil Khan

Origin 100 Series

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It looks "smoother" than the 300 series. Strange that the two (100 and 300 series) are very similar on pricing and the 300 more on weapons. However, we will have to wait and see which will have more cargo and fuel...









harmony between pilot, machine, and environment

Origin is proud to present the evolution of adventure - the 100 series. With all the class and sophistication you already associate with Origin Jumpworks, elegantly presented in an attractive, compact frame, the 100 series has been designed specifically for solo pilots looking to turn heads without sacrificing functionality or reliability.

But these ships aren't just making a statement on the outside. With the 100 series, Origin has debuted its state-of-the-art AIR (Adaptive Intake Refinery) fuel system. Not only does this make these our most environmentally friendly ships ever, reducing thruster emissions significantly, but it also means that worrying about constant refueling, even on extended journeys, is a thing of the past.

Utilizing our most advanced integrated refinery unit ever, the 100 series ships are capable of long distance flights that most ships of their size aren't equipped for.

With the ability to extract from an unprecedented variety of gasses, and convert the raw material into usable plasma more efficiently than much larger systems, the 100 series will get you there with eco-friendly efficiency and unrivaled style.

Begin your adventure with Origin, and there's no telling where you may end up.


about the ship concept pledge

The Origin 100i is being offered for the first time as a limited ship concept pledge. This means that the ship design meets our specifications, but it is not yet ready to display in your Hangar or to fly in Star Citizen. The Warbond pledges shown here include Lifetime Insurance on the ship hull. In the future, the ship price may increase and Lifetime Insurance or any extras may not be available.

If you are interested in adding one to your fleet, a quantity of Warbond 100i hulls are available during this event. The 100i will be available in the pledge store until April 30th, 2018. You can also view a detailed schematic of this new ship in the Holo Viewer in the Tech Overview of the ship page.

As with every concept ship pledge, we will also be doing a Q&A post. If you have additional questions, there will be a forum thread on Spectrum to take your questions. Make sure to vote for the questions you most want to see answered and we will be posting the dev’s responses next week. Look for the Comm-Link Schedule next week to find out when that post will go up.


Oh yeah anyone seen the starter package Heh :)  6 months insurance, damn they fixed it.




The new standard of fuel-efficiency

Picture of a Ship

Travel on AIR

Introducing Adaptive Intake Refinery

Combining standard-setting, low-impact/high efficiency thrusters with a state of the art intake, and a record-shattering integrated refinery, Origin's patented AIR system is redefining medium to long-range, non-Quantum space travel.

With the ability to extract an unprecedented variety of gasses from space or atmosphere and convert the raw material into usable plasma, AIR makes the 100 series the most efficient and eco-friendly ships of their class on the market.

raw data


  • Max Speed 210 m/s
  • Cargo Capacity 2 scu
  • Weaponry 2 x S1 Laser Cannons


  • Max Speed 230 m/s
  • Cargo Capacity 2 scu
  • Weaponry 2 x S1 Laser Cannons
    2 x S1 Missiles


  • Max Speed 190 m/s
  • Cargo Capacity 6 scu
  • Weaponry 2 x S1 Laser Cannons

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... So it's a 300i but smaller and an M50 but slower?

Okay, after viewing the ATV episode I sort of like it because it's bigger than I thought it was at first glance, giving a lot more utility than I previously thought. But I still do not see it's purpose over the 300i, but for that I guess we'll have to see what the rework brings us.

The ATV episode of this thing btw.

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1 hour ago, Metternich70 said:

they will buff up 300 series to some cutlassish size and features

Really? But... Why? I can see a Cutlass sized Origin ship, sure... Just not the 300i. Make it the 400i or 500i instead, instead of making another 300i and just pumping up the actual 300i. A lot more stability for all backers, especially the ones that want a single seater.

Also, imagine the 350r. A cutlass sized racer, as if that will win anything vs the Razor or the M50.

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1 hour ago, Caldon said:

Really? But... Why? I can see a Cutlass sized Origin ship, sure... Just not the 300i. Make it the 400i or 500i instead, instead of making another 300i and just pumping up the actual 300i. A lot more stability for all backers, especially the ones that want a single seater.

Also, imagine the 350r. A cutlass sized racer, as if that will win anything vs the Razor or the M50.

100 series killed the 300 series as they are now, so people that spent money on 300 would rage (with a reason) if the 300 does not get some beef up


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Yeah, that's what I mean. Why kill the 300 series at all? Why go through all the trouble of replacing the 300 series and then remaking the 300 series as a cutlass sized ship, when they can just release a 400 series cutlass sized ship and leave the 300 as it is (not counting rework)? It's just so... Strange.

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300 series  should have better guns and "stuff". Just 100 series is... why? the 300 series comes close to it. Again It Looks great on the outside, but it's role(s) "Combat" 2x S1 guns and 2xS1 missiles. S1 being the weakness possible weapons. Even the Herald has that 2x S1 weapons and 2x S2 missiles, it's role is to avoid combat at all costs. granted the Herald is $85, twice the price of the 100i.

To be honest, I've not got an urge to buy (one of or all three) of this(these). It does look a lot better than the 300 series, and the other starter ships. Although I could use the upgrade on my Aurora => 100i, but meh. 

Edit, just looked up the matrix and 300 series has 2 SCU. Oh and 275 SCM :D  excluding the 350R.

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I heard that the new size the 300 series will be is dreadnaught and 2400m long.

Can we use the sizing of the Avenger ship rather that something as big as the cutlass. The Cutlass didn't increase much in width or length, it did increase in volume though. 

Anyway the 300 series are different is classes  small to the cutlass medium. Basically they have to raise the roof and allow the bed to fold out comfortable. They'll probably raise it up while making the area directly behind the pilot bigger so a person can stand up without fear of bumping their head. Also redesigning the doors as the idiot who designed it with a lip on the bottom  was either a sadist or an idiot. Anyway we can only hope. Afaik the weapons on the cutlass are the same as the first concept had. 

100 and the 300 are something you are missing. 100i is 210 SCM and the 300i is 275 SCM and as far as I know this was 3.1. This is a big difference. 

Style-wise, the 100 series wins.

Weapons and speed the 300 series wins.

Cargo, break even. they appear to have the same internal amount, excluding 350R 0 SCU and 135c 2 SCU internally, 4 SCU externally.


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I like the Origin 100i. :)

Admittedly, it has nothing to do with the ship's style or specs. It's the ship that miraculously got my girlfriend interested in Star Citizen, finally. I was checking it out Thursday night and she saw it on my iPad and commented that it looked "adorable." She asked it if it was from "that star wars game you like" and then I lectured her about the differences between Star Citizen and Star Wars... I ended up buying her a 100i Starter Package as an apology. I think it'll be worth it though. :D

Anyway, it's good that CIG has created a new starter ship. I think the 100i will be far more appealing to new backers than the other three. I understand why the Aurora looks the way it does, and the Mustang and Reliant have distinct styles of their own, but the Origin 100 definitely nails it for mainstream appeal. I think a lot of gamers who were on the fence about Star Citizen will buy 100i game packages now. I think CIG should do a major marketing push because they finally have a ship that can sell people on Star Citizen. I hope CIG doesn't squander this opportunity.

Aesthetics aside, the 100 series is what I expected from an Origin starter ship. It has meager weapons compared to the other 3 starters, but it's obviously the luxury starter ship, so that's the trade-off. Also, the 125a is an easy $10 upsell. (I bought a 125a upgrade even though my GF doesn't like the black colour scheme. If the ship came in rose gold it would be all over. ;)) I like the 135c's blue colour scheme, but the 4 SCU cargo box is inconsequential and the reduced top speed is a major downside. I don't understand CIG's logic in making the most expensive variant the slowest. Also, the combination of luxury and cargo hauling don't mix IMO. I don't think the 135c will sell very well. CIG should consider buffing the engines to compensate for the extra mass so it's the same top speed as the 100i, which would justify the extra $15 price, especially since it doesn't come with the 125a's missiles. Another idea is to give the 135c special countermeasures or jammers or boosters in place of the missile hardpoints to help it defend its cargo from pirates.

I agree with others: Now that the Origin 100 series starter ship exists, the Origin 300 series will be bumped up in price by $20 or more. The 300's hardpoints have already been buffed to Size 3 in 3.1 and it's now equipped with Omnisky IXs, which are very powerful sniper cannons. CIG is working on the 300 re-design and when it's released, it will definitely be more expensive. I don't know if it'll be significantly larger or not. Maybe it'll be a 2-seater? Except for the 350r, probably. I'm pleased with my decision to buy the 350r when I did. If the price jumps again it'll be an even greater value.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing the Origin 100i in the 'verse. B)

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I was glad to see an Origin ship.  I had not contemplated that a starter ship line ahead of the 300 series, but in retrospect it makes sense and is good news for 300 owners.  I like the sleek look of the 100s.  Its a good style for Origin.  Picked up a 135i as I see using it more for bopping around on small jaunts than I do dogfighting.

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Now that "agent smithing" has been clarified, I'm beginning to think that, if you don't have NPCs positioned all around the verse, having a couple of small, fast, long range ships like the 100 positioned around the verse will be the next best thing.

Want to engage in a last-minute capital ship mission a few systems away, but don't want to move a (potentially slow, gas guzzling) primary ship from your current location? Hop in one of your commuters and make a fast burn over to where ever it is you need to be.

Sure, ship and personal transport via a genesis or what have you is probably an option if you have the luxury of being able to plan in advance... But for those moments when your organization needs someone to fill in for an essential crew member who couldn't make it, there's the 100i (or other cheap, fast starter ships).

Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk

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22 minutes ago, Masokas said:

Now that "agent smithing" has been clarified, ....

It hasn't been clarified yet....... and no one should should believe anything on this topic specifically until we either here from CR directly or someone in CIG (even Jared) - says that "CR says this" - and quotes him.

It is pretty safe to say (though still not 100%) that at a minimum you can have your own package NPCs at different locations in the verse.... so your idea about giving them an Origin 100 is a good one with this safe bet. :)


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