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PS4 BSG game - not well reviewed

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Let me open Steam and see how much I've played Deadlock (on PC)... 279 hours.

This review is full of shit.  If he can't tell that his battlestars are an upgrade from an Adamant, then he's a fucking idiot.  He complains that the pace is "glacially slow", but this is a turn based game.  And then he complains that you're limited to 7 ships.  Well guess what, buddy, the more ships you have the longer each turn takes.  Limiting the player to 7 ships per fleet was a correct game balance decision to keep the game going quickly for people with attention span deficits like this reviewer.  When I have 3 Artemis battlestars the game turns go by fast, when I have 6 Adamants and a Manticore, the turns take way longer.  So basically, he's a moron and playing it poorly, then complains because he's a moron and the game punishes him for playing it, well, poorly.  As it should.

Not to say that a turn-based game is everyone's cup of tea, it obviously isn't.  And if it wasn't for the BSG nostalgia, there indeed would be nothing to hold me to this game.  But given that I'm a huge BSG fan, making my own BSG battles is pretty freaking awesome.  And he didn't even mention my favorite feature: the video replays.  Done entirely in the style of the reimagined TV show, with shakey cam, missile cam, broadside cam, explosion cam, Viper pilot cam, it makes a highlight video of your last battle that you can record, scored to music that the reviewer (accurately) describes as excellently done in the style of the original Bear McCreary's.  For example, one of my very early recordings: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173173469

This game doesn't attempt to do what 4x games do.  Its scope is much smaller, and it relies on nostalgia of the TV show.  The strategic game where you attempt to keep the cylons away from the colonies is just a framework for putting you into cool missions instead of being really fun in and of itself, that much is true.  But if you don't take it seriously, the Cylons will kick your ass unless you're playing on easy mode.

Should you buy this game?  If you're the biggest BSG fan among your personal circle of friends, buy this game at full price.  If you just liked BSG, then wait for it to be half-off.  If you didn't care about BSG, then what are you doing on these forums?  Star Citizen and BSG share too many similarities for anyone to like one and dislike the other.

Finally, the game is interesting from a Star Citizen standpoint because it teaches the importance of formation "flying" and the manipulation of weapon arcs.  This is the 3D-equivilent of arranging and commanding each ship's place in the line of battle.  In our Star Citizen fleet actions, someone is going to have to "be" you as the player in this game.  The admiral telling all the capital (and sub-capital) ships who to fly in formation with and where, which targets to focus fire on, to tell the fighters what to do, all while keeping track of damage we've suffered in order to tell ships when to break formation and pull back before being disabled.  Etc.  I think this game teaches interesting fleet command concepts that will be useful in Star Citizen without getting bogged down in unrelated details.


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