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    • By Malarkey
      Selling Origin Racing Suit for $30USD. Verified paypal only. 
      Once payment is received the gift will be sent to the same email registered with your paypal account. 
    • By Doopsums
      Do you like to go fast? Looking for the fastest line? Having trouble finding what ships are suited best for you? Want to show off your leader board mettle? Then look no further! Use this thread to bounce ideas, discussions, and footage related to Imperium racing!
      Useful Links:
      Didn’t find what you are looking for? Check the below threads for additional information:
      Imperium Arena Commander Leader boards: Click here
      Imperium Arena Commander Tips: Click here
    • By Deonaldi
      The Crux Cup 2016 Race is an event that takes place every year for those seeking to race competitively. 
      Although racing hasn't came out officially through CIG, the community has created they're own version of it, which is really cool.
      If you want to take part for it, you can't unfortunately, as you have to register a month ahead. But they're always next year. 
      You can watch the stream that going to happen with the next hour and see those nice turns and high speed racing... and fail crashes
      You can learn more about it at this site : http://cruxcup.com/
      For racing brackets and Countdown timer, go here: http://cruxcup.com/Brackets/
      The Race with be streaming through multiple twitch streamers at the link below:
    • By Dave189
      So today the first GP of Formula 1 2016 took place. Did any of you watch it? I found the race enjoyable generally speaking.
      There was a couple really tense moments, from the last few laps where Vettel was trailing Hamilton, to of course the major crash of Alonso after a collision wit Gutierrez. For those that may not have seen it, here's a link to a video of it on Youtube
      Do you have any teams or particular racers you're rooting for guys? Personally I of course stand with Vettel and some of the other German racers, but I also really hope that Renault will have a successful return to Formula 1. I really like the car livery they ended up with, love the yellow color scheme they went with. Really though, I more than anything anticipate and am curious to see how all the incoming changes will influence 2017 when we get an overhaul of the car design once more. Should be interesting for sure.
    • By Donut
      For those who love racing, Road to 2016 is coming soon so I thought I would post last years episode and some hype for this years episode: (Edit; I highly suggest watching the 2016 trailer first)
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