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Voice Attack and HCS voice packs

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Voice attack can run WITHOUT HCS voice packs. there's a video below that shows how.

This is a restart of potential tools for Star Citizen considering CIG is likely finally and fairly close to having a standard and stable list of commands with 3.0. In this case, Voice Attack and HCS voice packs. Currently, Voice Attack and HCS voice packs are optimized for Elite for obvious reasons. (pssst, it's a Game)

I am not a shill. I do, however, use both Voice Attack with an HCS voice pack or two. They are very useful if you want to put in the time, which, considering that we're still in Alpha, we've got plenty of time. Current, Voice attack can be had for Free and for $10 for the full-featured version. Buy it. regardless if you think, right now, that you'll never use it. You needn't purchase a voice pack from HCS if you don't want to, the standard voices for windows 10 work just fine. You'll have to play with it more if you don't get a pre-made voice pack. Several well knowns have provided voice talent to HCS: John DeLancie, Bill Shatner, Bret Spiner, Kate Russell, Brian Blessed, Tom Baker (yes, THAT Tom Baker)

Voice attack - https://voiceattack.com/


VA videos from TheNOOOBIFIER1337: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=voice+attack+thenoobifier1337

HCS Voice packs: https://www.hcsvoicepacks.com/

HCS forums post with SC profiles to use: http://forum.hcsvoicepacks.com/forum/star-citizen-support/20438-keeping-up-with-star-citizen

HCS videos which also have VA videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoLyWh8gXnO9BO35sB48eOg

first tutorial to watch:

There are some threads in Spectrum you can check out, some backers can provide you with a profile in case you aren't comfortable making one yourself.




an example of an Elite Dangerous profile with dual joysticks: 

coming soon - "Singularity" a profile that will allow you to assign different voices to different crew roles.

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