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Elon Musk - Artificial Intelligence

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To me there is a lot of hype and fearmongering in AI discussion currently. And many public actors have an interest in hyping it up more.


Its is 22 years after Deep Blue defeated Kasparov and now AI can beat some Atari Arcade games.

A robot can have smart pathing algorythms to travel around obstacles from A to B but if there is anything majorly unexpected or bad weather he is fucked anyway and we have no sufficient portable powersource for human strength electric motors or endurance also limiting many other electronic appliences.

Industrial robots in manufactoring have been around for 50 years but theres still major labor needs worldwide and appliances are just slowly creeping into some service sectors and costs are still way too high.

Everyones talking like in a couples of years all cars will be selfdriving but we havent even accomplished to fully automate the railway network.

There are philosophical discussions that AI might maybe need a close to human experience to develop general intelligence.

But the truth is nobody knows because we also know so little still about the human brain and intelligence neuroscientists understanding in many cases is still limited to "it glows roughly in this general area".


Yes its all very fascinating and I am a major tech geek but it has been my belief for some years now that the general public massively overestimates the speed at which everything is changing. Some of the scenarios I hear in debates about the topic I would bet serious money against them happening in our lifetimes and I am less interested in what happens in 2100+. Yes there will be massive changes but some of the predictions I have heard by serious peoples about what will happen in 5 or 10 years are just ridicolous and I regularly laugh out loud about those. I have a suspicion though that many actors know that but that it is better for their public work to get the wanted effects and reactions so societies think about it and slow institutions can be prepared.

It might be some of the same reasons why CR said SC will release something 3 years after the kickstarter when the reality is more like 10 years. Maybe you need the same strategy for AI so you can shock in 5-10 years everything will be drastically different and we have to prepare when in reality it will probably be much longer time spans.

Anyway still exciting times.

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