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Ongoing Discussion Actual Not-Made-Up Evil From Nvidia (And I'm no AMD fanboi)

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Report from the [H] here: https://www.hardocp.com/article/2018/03/08/geforce_partner_program_impacts_consumer_choice



The crux of the issue with NVIDIA GPP comes down to a single requirement in order to be part of GPP. In order to have access to the GPP program, its partners must have its "Gaming Brand Aligned Exclusively With GeForce." I have read documents with this requirement spelled out on it.


As you might recall, we have seen onerous terms such as those contained in GPP to have many similarities to Intel's once monopolistic business practices (versus AMD) in withholding MDF to partners. The results of that situation were huge multi-billion dollar fines for Intel. GPP has some striking similarities.

What is disturbing is that we have been told that if a company does not participate in GPP, those companies feel as if NVIDIA would hold back allocation of GPUs from their inventories. From all we have talked to, the issue of not allocating GPU inventories to non-GPP partners have not been spelled out contractually, but is rather done on a wink and a nod.


Over the years, AMD fanbois have accused me of ignoring Nvidia's supposed anti-competitive practices.  The thing is, when I looked into them, they were referencing AMD-slanted web sites with not-even conspiracy-theory rated "evidence".  There was no truth to it, they were either citing perfectly legal practices as illegal or citing what is now known as "fake news"... stuff someone made up.

This time, Nvidia appears to be pulling an Intel or Microsoft.  An actual anti-competitive practice that the courts have proven won't end well (although to be fair, Microsoft and Intel are doing just fine today). I think an up-welling of moral outrage is justified. Its a shame that AMD doesn't have a viable GPU competitor to the GTX 1080, or better yet, its followup due at the end of the year (because that's the likely timeframe of my next upgrade).

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2 hours ago, Boildown said:

Its a shame that AMD doesn't have a viable GPU competitor to the GTX 1080

Viable is a relative term, frankly. As I am running an overclocked FX-8350 because I don't care what Intel CPU enthusiasts say about benchmark performance (seriously, who plays benchmarks, anyway...) The performance you can get from AMD GPUs is more than adequate for the majority of games available now. Vote with you wallet is all I have to say. I've got two GTX970 SSC GPUs in SLI and couldn't be happier (mostly because I don't know what I'm missing but not having the newest most bestest.)


the AMDs are not poor performers. and then, the Vega's come out this year.


mining performance:


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On 3/11/2018 at 2:58 PM, Painmiester said:

So now where is the 1070ti listed  why,that's a big omission. .

Valid point. The question will eventually be, when faced with outrageous prices, need over want.

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I'm hoping you meant 1080Ti since Vega 64 is already better than 1080 if you disregard price&availability which blows for all GPUs since mining craze started pretty much.

I'd expect GTX 2070&2080 in a couple of months, way before the end of the year tbh.

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On 3/13/2018 at 2:45 AM, Boildown said:

I don't understand how you can not know this.

Hmm, correct, I was thinking about something else that escaped me and I inserted Vega instead of Volta. That's what happens when you don't worry about building a new computer rig until 2019. I'll figure it out....I'm also not concerned with having to do anything in 4K.

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