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Ongoing Discussion VIRPIL VPC Constellation Series- Space Sim specific joystick

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Just saw this bad boy show up, its ambidextrous so would make for a great HOSAS item, too.

I don't have any peripherals beyond a keyboard/mouse yet, so with the scroll wheel and analog stick on the stick it could work as a 1 unit solution. Has anyone tried a joystick and mouse for gimball aiming in SC?

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There are loads of people who use the HOMAS configuration. I have in the past but to me it felt to unnatural, so I abandoned it for dual sticks. You do loose a bit precision at first but with practice it's just as competitive as and controller configuration. After trying so many different control schemes and talking to masses of people on the topic, I truly believe that it is really just a matter of comfort and preference. You will only be as competent relative to the amount of time you put in to any given task. It's more likely that the quality of the device being used plays a greater role than the device type itself. 

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Been watching this one. Does Virpil have a base that has twist? The only one I know is the VKB gladiator (out of thrustmaster, vkb and VIRPIL), but you might lose some function. 

21 hours ago, Basheron said:

 Has anyone tried a joystick and mouse for gimball aiming in SC?

Oh yes. A stick in left hand and a mouse is pretty popular.  Most of us now use a thrustmaster 1600 for the lefthand stick (with a twist axis for strafe up and down) and foot petals. But, right now the thrustmaster 1600 is kind of the stick available, I am sure a lot of us have eyes on the Virpil one.

  A bitter pill is that VIRPIL grips are expensive. The mongoose runs about $220. Add in a $99 gladiator, and you have a pretty expensive stick that will likely work mostly some of the time for most things.

(I think they need to make their own base too).

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The problem is that the Virpil sticks can't be used on a desk because the base is waaaay to big, you need to mount it in front of the desk on a lowered platform or on your chair. Most people use their computer for things besides sims so having one of those sticks semi-permanently attacked to your desk is not ideal. I usually store my HOTAS below my desk (or next to the screen) when I'm not using it. An option would be to use a simchair or simstand with the joysticks and rudders attached to it and change to another chair for work but then you would have a massive chair standing around the room somewhere (even the foldable ones take up quite a bit of room). 

Personally having a JS with a base that is lower and wider seems more useful to me for people that don't game for a living ;)

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