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Some new controller products - enter your finds here


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A friend tipped me off to VirPil.com, producer/sellers of some joysticks and throttle accessories -- the sticks are both for left and right handed use

catalogue: https://virpil.com/en/shop



The sticks require a separate base to work, which VirPil also sells. They also have desk mounts, stick extensions, mounting plates and dust cover.

Here's the thing - they are NOT cheap

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The fact that most wives would rip the testes off their husband if he dared to build a Simpit with these joysticks does’t Help either. You really need a dedicated desk/simchair onto which the 2 joysticks/joystick and throttle are mounted in a fixed way. You would most likely also need some kind of swiveling plateau for your keyboard and mouse. All this stuff has looks which aren’t very wife friendly;) 

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Submitting for consideration, though something I've never used, or anything like it:

Video of first review I've found here, time marked to the Elite Dangerous section:

Edit for transparency: I've just backed this. I'm definitely interested.

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