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    • By Gabriel Theodoulos
      Here is a topic that is relatively important to me... personally.
      I have learned over time that my ISP has a habit of watching their clients.
      Now, don't get me wrong.  I don't do anything illegal, nor immoral.  I try to practice a habit of never doing anything I would be ashamed of doing in front of my pastor or my Lord Jesus Christ.  But I value privacy, and just as I don't appreciate my neighbors peeping into my open windows, I sure don't allow my ISP (or my government) snooping on my Internet activity.
      This is why I use a Virtual Private Network or VPN.
      Over the past year, I've used a lot of different VPNs.  Currently, I'm torn between two of them: AirVPN and PIA.
      AirVPN is AWESOME!!!  They are a freedom lover's delight!  For about 15 Euros for 3 months, they give you a huge selection of servers, each of which can be monitored by their users.  You can see their traffic usage and speed ratings, and you can choose which server you want easily enough.  The thing I don't like about them is that whenever I crash, I have to go in and reset my firewall and IPv4 DNS by hand every single time! ... and this is usually about once a day!
      I also like AirVPN, because I can use it in FRUHO on my Linux laptop (I'm a real n00b13 with Linux!).
      The other VPN I am playing with PIA or PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS.  They also provide a lot of good servers, and I just found out that they will play nice with FRUHO (will need to check that out).  The thing I really enjoy about PIA is that it is super super stable, and super super easy to use!  Just download the installer, and run.  Very nice and convenient.  PIA is also very privacy friendly.  If you want, go and grab almost any type of cash card (Starbucks, Walmart?, etc.) and use it to pay for an account... no questions asked, and your name isn't on the account!  I LOVE THIS!
      So... what say you?  Do you use a VPN?  What are your thoughts and opinions on Internet Privacy?
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