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Admiral Max

Role of Hammerhead?

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On 2/8/2018 at 8:56 PM, Admiral Max said:

Hey all :) Who is curious as to what role the Hammerhead gunship will have in our military branch and activities :D???


Its funny you ask. I created a couple posts on how I envision the Hammerhead's use. More so how I intend to use them. Take a read...


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53 minutes ago, SpectreSC said:

I definitely agree with everyone else here though, it's an escort ship/anti-fighter vessel for sure. It'd make a great escort for an Idris and it's got a pretty beefy arsenal to boot as well.

Personally, I can't wait to see the larger ships in the verse.  I'd like to see a battlegroup composed of an Idris, two Polarii, and four Hammerheads with about 6-9 fighters. The Idris can hold three or four fighters that are Hornet or Gladius size. So at a minimum three or four fighters will be on alert and docked inside the Idris. Those can be used as reserves or they can swap out with the deployed fighters so they can return to the Idris to rearm, refuel and repair. There would an almost constant rotation of fighters docking and taking off. Almost like an aircraft carrier in a naval battlegroup.

Since tanks are now a thing, This same battlegroup could be versatile enough help mobilize ground forces on a planet. Just think, ten or twenty tanks loaded up in an Idris. The two Polarii acting as large troop carriers and the the Hammerheads providing overhead coverage while the Idris and Polarii are landed with troops and vehicles that are being disembarked.  

Oh! Let's not forget that the Hammerhead can also carry a single vehicle the size of an Ursa Rover. So there's that addition as well. And it doesn't have to be a rover... There are other grind vehicles that are around the same size or smaller that would be more useful to assist the ground troops.

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